Jake Tapper Dunked On Alabama Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville By Bringing Up His Worst Year At Auburn


Hello, college football fans. If you were unaware, former Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville is headed to the United States Senate. As a Senator, not as a tourist or anything. No, seriously!
Tuberville, a Republican, entered the political arena in 2018 when he moved to Alabama with the intention of running for Senate. That race occurred on Tuesday, and based on current projections, Tuberville is going to beat Democratic incumbent Doug Jones, and while there is speculation that Jones may have a role in a potential Joe Biden administration in his future, Tuberville, a vocal Donald Trump supporter, believes that Biden should not make it into the White House.
Tuberville sent out a tweet on Thursday evening that inaccurately described what is occurring as legally cast mail-in votes are counted and show Biden eating into Trump’s lead in two crucial swing states, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The election results are out of control. It’s like the whistle has blown, the game is over, and the players have gone home, but the referees are suddenly adding touchdowns to the other team’s side of the scoreboard.
— Tommy Tuberville (@TTuberville) November 6, 2020

CNN’s Daniel Dale, who is known for his fact checks, called this “the single worst football analogy I’ve ever seen.” One of Dale’s colleagues, Jake Tapper, decided to go a different direction, reminding Tuberville of his final year as the head coach at Auburn — and just to hammer it home, followed with another tweet about an Auburn loss to LSU where they blew an 11-point halftime lead.

This is inaccurate.
What the president is doing would be like if Coach Tuberville discussed the 2008 Auburn football season by only talking up his 5 victories and pretended the 7 losses — including that loss to Alabama, hooboy — didn’t happen. https://t.co/4OycGQe1bS
— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) November 6, 2020

Another way to look at it. Imagine if in the 2008 LSU game, Coach Tuberville tried to say the game was over at the half, when Tigers led 14-3.
Game actually ended with LSU victory 26-21.
So that declaration would have been premature and false.
— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) November 6, 2020

The Alabama game in question saw the Tigers lose, 36-0, and saw Auburn gain 170 yards of total offense. Tuberville resigned a little more than a week after the loss.