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Lyriqal is the ultimate urban entertainment and black culture source for hip hop news, urban lifestyle, and music videos. Featuring only the best music videos, hip hop artists, urban entertainment, celebrity gossip, black culture influencers and creators on the internet.

We’ve discovered and curated the top sources for hip hop news, urban fashion and trends, and lifestyle and wrapped them up into a one stop shop dedicated to providing free videos to fulfill whatever interest you have.


Lyriqal Hip Hop currently showcases the following channel categories (with more to come)

  • Music Videos.
  • Interviews.
  • Urban Fashion.
  • Black Entertainment
  • Culture and Lifestyle.
  • Comedy and Funny.
  • Music Reviews.
  • News and Celebrity Gossip.

Some channels displayed in these categories include old school hip hop music videos, recipes and cooking, how to’s, sneaker releases and reviews, black love and dating, etc.


Be the first to read about current trends, black community news, gossip, products, etc. via the stories section. Featuring news from the top sources in entertainment, fashion, pop culture, internet trends and hiphop.


Discover some of the most high quality, engaging and entertaining gossip videos and music videos that you might miss out on otherwise.


Enjoy a complimentary turn up while you browse your news feed. Lyriqal provides free streaming of the most popular online radio stations for R&B, hip hop and rap music.


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