Memes About Nevada’s Frustratingly Slow Vote Count Were A Welcome Election Distraction

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The longest year on record got longer this week as election day in America did not see a clear winner determined between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the days following the end of voting. Trump’s initial leads in some states seems to be slipping away as mail-in ballots are being counted, and misinformation from the president about the legitimacy of the election has complicated things considerably.
One of the surprise swing states still uncounted as of Thursday evening was Nevada, a state won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 and that initially looked good for Joe Biden on election night. But as Georgia, Pennsylvania Arizona and even Alaska also worked through their ballot backlogs and remained uncalled among most news organizations, people grew increasingly frustrated with the slow progress Nevada made in the hours following election day.
While some counties in Georgia and Pennsylvania worked through the night to count ballots, things seemed to be developing slowly out west. An afternoon press conference revealed things may not be wrapped up in Nevada anytime soon to give anyone clarity on the matter. And with not much else to do other than wait for results and worry, many people took to creating memes poking fun at how slowly Nevada counted its outstanding ballots.

I will not be making breakfast tomorrow, Nevada.
— Washington Post TikTok Guy (@davejorgenson) November 6, 2020

Nevada after reporting 0.1% more ballot
— Mario (@OhMarioT) November 6, 2020

watch nevada walk in to report results with a huge iced coffee
— Sarah Lazarus (@sarahclazarus) November 5, 2020

Nevada right now
— Daddy (@FreakoS_uave) November 6, 2020

nevada after a long night of counting (1) ballot
— Daniel Preda (@MisterPreda) November 5, 2020

Nevada after counting 3 votes
— Kelsey (@notorious_KRG) November 5, 2020

no one: nevada releasing the final election count:
— j (@inalmydreams13) November 5, 2020

Even The Bachelorette took some heat on Thursday because of Nevada.

It’s gonna take Nevada longer to count votes than it took this woman to pick a husband #bachelorette #BachelorNation
— mellow_knee (@knee_mellow) November 6, 2020

Counting ballots in any election is a complicated and deliberate process, especially in a year where a pandemic has made voting increasingly more complicated and potentially dangerous. But the memes certainly came a lot faster than the results on Thursday. At least it was a welcome distraction from refreshing websites and watching TV for the actual results.