‘Snowfall’ Split Innit? Here’s Why Fans Suspect Lori Harvey And Damson Idris Brick By Brick Broke Up After 1 Year Of Dating

Welp, rumors are swirling that breakup season claimed yet another standout celebrity couple; Lori Harvey and Damson Idris. Say it ain’t so!

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Neither half of the private power couple made any announcements about calling it quits however, social media sleuths have clocked clues that Lori and Damson are no longer “brick by brick” booed up. The Daily Mail UK reports that when Lori attended Kendall Jenner’s Hollywood Halloween party, the model was suspiciously solo.

This year’s costume as Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft also raised concerns among fans. Many commented that it was unusually underwhelming.

“How we went from Beyoncé last year to this?” one disappointed fan wondered.
“D for effort girl,” another wrote.

The entrepreneur could be tired from running her newly launched company, Yevrah Swim but another theory is that Lori was feeling post-breakup blues.
Lori and Damson previously seemed attached at the hip, but Halloween isn’t the only hint of a split. It appears that they quietly made the separation Instagram official.

Within the past few days, both stars scrubbed each other from their social media. There are still traces of the Snowfall star on the photo dumps from her 26th birthday. Other than that, her page is strictly business.

Lori’s birthday is also when they went public, nearly a year ago. As previously reported Damson sealed the deal with a kiss on the Capricorn birthday bae in January.

Damson, on the other hand, went scorched earth. He archived all of their pictures together, including from The Beige Party for his birthday in September. Lori posted a touching tribute to the Swarm actor, declaring her love for him.

Damson Idris shares pics from his BEIGE themed Birthday Party featuring members of the Dark Skin Society pic.twitter.com/7CcaeVf4YK
— SpotlightFirst (@SpotlightFirst_) September 5, 2023

Check out the final breakup clue, Lori Harvey’s last public outing with Damson Idris, and social media reactions after the flip!

It Was All Good Just A Month Ago: Damson Idris And Lori Harvey Went From Date Nights In Paris To Unfollowing Each Other

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It seemed like the couple was just going strong. They stood tall against ridicule about romancing at the Renaissance tour. When paparazzi implied Lori and Quavo were on a date because they left the same restaurant, she quickly shut down the Huncho hunching rumors.
Lori and Damson’s last public outing was September 30 in Paris, France. They were headed to a dinner date at Siena restaurant.

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Fans noted that they don’t follow each other, which is usually a sign of trouble, if not the end of the road.
In early October, Lori posted a picture of Damson sleeping on her shoulder on Instagram Stories.

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Now, it’s likely a wrap, and the jokes about Lori’s PR relationship contracts are flying. Some are already plotting on their potentially single crushes. Others are a little crushed after rooting for their love story.
Check out some of the reactions to the rumored breakup below.

Damson and Lori broke up? pic.twitter.com/7cLBeoU6OS
— she 🫵🏾 aint no diva (@blackcindyy) November 6, 2023

Lmfaoo niggas mad at Lori Harvey but laugh when it’s future, this not even a pick me tweet just keep the same energy for everyone… cause you know why I’d love a turn with Lori, who’s to say Damson and her ain’t have fun while it lasted, not every breakup is a sad story
— Don Carló (@CarlWinsHigh) November 6, 2023

you people are so weird on this app 😹 because wtf??!! y’all were rooting for Damson and Lori to break up right from the start, and now that it is rumored there is a break up, y’all are surprised all of a sudden and asking questions??! pleaseee 😭🤚🏾spare me the drama
— @tishisonline (@therealLettyA) November 6, 2023

Niggas is laughing at Damson Idris Lori rumour as if they got next
— say no more (@DammySNM) November 5, 2023

These people happy about Damson and Lori breaking up are such losers
— Lovelyn 🧜🏽‍♀️💎 (@lovelylovelynx) November 6, 2023

If Damson and Lori did break up, please save us from the think pieces about how Lori dates the right way. We are so tired😔 let us just leave these people alone. We don’t know them
— Tendai. (@tendiie16) November 6, 2023

daaaaang Lori and Damson broke up? pic.twitter.com/vk8rQLFi4g
— whit👾 (@whitneybree_) November 5, 2023

not a fan of celebrity news but i felt pain when i read that lori and damson broke up.. such a beautiful couple man.. was really shocked.
— null (@adejarree) November 6, 2023

Y’all shocked Lori and Damson broke up? That girl never liked him. https://t.co/NKeVFh36Vp
— OG (@yeezytaughtliv) November 6, 2023

I actually liked Lori and Damson together 😩
— Yhudee🏍️ (@YhudeeSilas) November 5, 2023

I almost started believing Lori and Damson and they said nope LOOOL
— Zee² ❤️‍🔥 (@a2zee_) November 5, 2023

Damson Idris when he finds out he is trending for breaking up with Lori Harvey pic.twitter.com/QyWPHrnvXS
— Haggashots⚡️ (@HauleHagai) November 6, 2023

The shaderoom nor TMZ has confirmed Lori and damson breakup so I’m not believing it from any other source until a legit source confirms it😭🤭…as far as I know they are together 😆
— Tyrella (@Onlyfeargo) November 6, 2023

Do you believe Damson Idris and Lori Harvey broke up? Were you rooting for this celebrity couple?