Miseducation: Lauryn Hill Snarkily Shades Critics Of Her Constant Tardiness– ‘Y’all Lucky I Make It On This Blood Ras Stage’

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Lauryn Hill – Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

A discourteously defiant Lauryn Hill is tired of the tardiness jokes and she thinks fans should feel “lucky” she even makes it to the stage.
When it comes to live concerts one of the urban legends has always been if you’re going to see Lauryn Hill prepare for an extremely long wait. Hill has a storied history of almost never making it to the stage on time and it’s a constant criticism she’s received from fans.

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According to Complex, on Saturday, November 4 Hill finally addressed the criticism while in Los Angeles for her 25th anniversary of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill tour.
A defiant Hill essentially told the people to get over it.

“They say, ‘Oh, she’s late’ and ‘She’s late tonight,’” Hill told the crowd. “Yo, y’all lucky I make it on this blood ras stage every night! I don’t do it because they let me do it. I do it because I stand here in the name of God and I do it. God is the one who allows me to do it, who surrounded me with family and community when there was no support.”

She continued,

“When the album sold so many records, and no one showed up and said, ‘Hey, would you like to make another one?’ So I went around the world, and I played the same album over and over and over and over again. Because we are survivors, and we’re not just survivors, we’re thrivers.”

Interestingly enough, while using the lord’s name as an excuse for her reoccurring tardiness, Lauryn was reportedly tardy for that show as well.
In a 2016 Facebook post, Lauryn addressed her tardiness and said it wasn’t about being disrespectful or careless, but about “aligning her energy.”