Cardi B Reveals She Might Forgive Tasha K & The Millions She’s Owed: ‘Surprisingly, It Doesn’t Make Me Happy’

While fans warned Cardi not to fall for Tasha’s tears, Cardi said she was going to have a conversation with her mother and her lawyers about the situation to see what she should do.

“But I’m going to talk to my mom,” she said. “Because, let me tell you something, I can tell when somebody is going through some shit. And I can tell when they don’t have nobody to talk to.”
“Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me happy,” Cardi said of Tasha’s struggle. “I don’t want to make wrong decisions. That’s why I wanna talk to mom tomorrow. I’m gon’ talk to my lawyers. But stop hurting people. Stop hurting people. Take a breather [and] think.”
In 2019, Cardi B sued Tasha K for defamation after the YouTuber posted a video accusing the entertainer of being a prostitute and doing drugs. Cardi B won the case in January 2022, and Tasha was ordered to pay the rapper $3.4 million.

Cardi admits that her family and friends–including her husband Offset–would encourage her to push for justice and get her money, but Cardi insists that seeing someone else in pain doesn’t make her happy.