Chicago Is Heating Up! ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Chicago Is Heating Up! ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

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Tommy and Diamond continue gaining territory behind Miguel’s back, but Diamond is pulled in other directions. Jenard gets more than he bargained for. Tommy puts Vic’s loyalty to the test.


Parole Officer Reeves stopped by Diamond’s house to make him take another random urine test. While there, Reeves told Diamond that he put his name up to speak at a fundraiser for all the displaced residents of the Crimson Project fires. Although Diamond wasn’t a fan of the idea, he didn’t have a choice but to consider it when Reeves mentioned that his parole review was coming up. At the gym, Raheem told Shanti what the streets were saying about her. The streets were saying that Jenard was off his game and he has Shanti dickmatized. She quickly reminded him what his role was and how she was in control. Meanwhile. the coalition met up to discuss their next moves. Jenard questioned whether or not they would get back at the Serbs. Tommy and Diamond both explained how trading shots wouldn’t be worth it at the moment. After diffusing tensions, Tommy hipped everyone that they would be moving into the Westside next. His plan was to get the Division Street Devils on board, which would make every other crew in the city join get in line. Once the meeting was over, Jenard and Vic have a quick chat. Vic informs Jenard that he knows Claudia paid him a visit. Jenard confirms it but says he turned down Claudia’s weak deal. Vic then tells Jenard that getting on Tommy’s good side might be worth letting go of the grudge he’s holding but Jenard shrugs it off. Although he may not be trying to hear the “We are the world” BS as he called it, Jenard did show that he was possibly headed in the right direction. While on the block with Raheem (who had been putting a battery in his back about Tommy), he turned down a dealer who was trying to sell him drugs. Diamond made his way over to Gianna and Leon’s house to invite them to the fundraiser (and give Leon a new comic book). Leon told Diamond that his advice was to tell the truth because the audience could tell when someone isn’t telling the truth. Earlier in the episode Jenard mentioned how withdrawal was tough to deal with. It’s not clear if that’s what he was dealing with or if he had actually did drugs again but he was obviously going through it as he was sitting outside of Tommy’s house with a gun, seemingly planning to kill him. Fortunately for him, he was in the right place at the right time. As he waited in the car, he scoped Mireya pulling up to Tommy’s spot. He quickly took out his phone and snapped pictures of the two kissing. Diamond missed out on Tommy’s meeting with the DSDs because of the speech he had to give. In the midst of giving it, Diamond put the speech that he wrote in his jacket pocket and spoke from the heart. He talked to the people about wanting a future, change and not letting your past mistakes ruin your future. No one enjoyed the speech more than Leon and Gianna. Afterwards, Diamond asked Gianna out to dinner and of course she accepted. When she got to Diamond’s house later, Gianna said she’d rather order in. As one might expect, this led to them having sex for the first time. Shanti is super surprised when she returns to her gym and notices that Jenard got her necklace back. Before she could really even say anything about it, Jenard wanted to share the news he just found it. Shanti poured out all the cash that her and Claudia made on the table. She revealed that she went to Claudia to take her up on her offer. Although Jenard was irritated, she explained how the money could be something between just the two of them and how his hands didn’t have to touch it at all. Jenard doesn’t even let Shanti going behind his back make him upset. He shows her the picture he took of Tommy and Mireya and promises to put Tommy’s business on the street. Shanti tells him that he shouldn’t do that. Instead, he should let Tommy keep messing up and watch the show. How long will Jenard and Shanti sit on the information they have on Tommy? Will Jenard stay on a clean path or will the drugs be too much for him to overcome? Is Diamond turning a new leaf? How will his relationship with Gianna and Leon impact what he’s doing in the streets? How long will it take for Tommy and Diamond to figure out what Shanti has going on with Claudia?


Claudia’s a bit taken by surprise when Shanti pulls up on her looking to take her up on the deal she made Jenard. Shanti tells Claudia that she knows the owner of the members only club. Claudia mentions how it’s convenient that Shanti is showing up around the same time that Tommy wants her dead. Shanti makes it clear that Jenard nor Tommy knows that she’s there. The women agree that Claudia will handle the product while Shanti (and her girls) will handle distribution with a 50-50 split in revenue. While those two were sneaking around, Detective Vargas was too. The difference was that Tommy peeped him. After giving Vic yet another new phone to switch out, Tommy let him know that he knows the feds are watching him but he’s watching too. Tommy and Vic make their way to Shanti’s gym. While Tommy was inside, Vic got a call from Vargas telling him to meet up. Vic warns him that Tommy made him and it’s too big of a risk. When Vic made a comment about Tommy still doing pickups, Tommy explained to him that you can never let anybody think they don’t have leadership. That’s pretty much what Tommy wanted to show Shanti by introducing himself the way he did. He also told her that loyalty goes a long way with him. Everything was going well at the club until three guys come and rob Claudia and Elise of their jewelry. When Vic finally meets up with Vargas and Attorney Marks, he tells them how Tommy is using CBI as an in to get all the gangs in the city to work under him and the next group on the list were the DSDs. The news excited Marks so much that she told Vargas to get Vic set up with a wire. Although Vic did his best to explain how he’d be dead if he got caught with a wire on, Marks wasn’t receptive and told him to get the job done. Back at the club, Claudia wasn’t going to stand for what happened. She called in reinforcements in the form of Shanti. Shanti punched the guy who robbed Claudia to the ground before pulling a gun on him. After he gave Claudia her stuff back, Shanti kicked him out. As they split their money the next day, the women discuss squeezing their hustle for everything it has. Since Diamond couldn’t make it, Tommy brought Vic along to meet Chavo and the DSDs. They two of them were greeted with a brick through Tommy’s back window. As soon as Tommy starts pitching the coalition to Chavo, Vic hits the switch to activate the wire. Tommy and Vic do a great job of pointing out the benefits of joining the coalition but Chavo states that he can’t just up and leave his connect. Tommy then broke the news to him that the Serbs were out. Chavo compliments Tommy’s style and agrees to join them. Another thing to note was that Chavo explicitly expressed how much he didn’t like Miguel. Back at Claudia’s penthouse, Elise shows her interest in the drug game. She brings up an opportunity to move drugs in another club in a different area. Claudia mentions bringing Shanti into it but Elise is against it and says that all Claudia needs is her. How long will Shanti and Claudia’s partnership last? Was the guy that Shanti beat up actually connected?


None of Tommy’s blood family were in this episode.


The episode began with Miguel making a surprise visit to Tommy’s crib. A frightened Mireya realized that it was her brother and quickly went to the back to hide. As Miguel snooped around, he and Tommy discussed how the Serbs torching the projects was a problem for the both of them. Tommy suggested that Miguel talk to Ché about cutting off the Serbs’ supply completely. Miguel agreed to talk to Ché but ordered Tommy and CBI not to retaliate against the Serbs in the meantime. When Miguel left, Mireya again expressed her fear of Miguel finding out about them. Tommy did his best to calm her down by assuring her that he is just as dangerous as Miguel. When they finally met, Ché made his displeasure with Miguel and the Serbs fighting known. Miguel responded by reminding Ché that the Serbs started the whole thing and everything they had done since then. Miguel proposed that Ché cut the Serbs off for all they had done. He continued by saying that he’s making triple what they make and if they’re cut off, he’ll replace them and more. Ché took Miguel’s suggestion and headed over to meet with Mirkovic. Ché emphasized that burning the projects was unacceptable and that Mirkovic needed to end the war with Miguel. Mirkovic responded by saying that Miguel was the one who needed to end it. He went on to name all of the things that Miguel was doing that were out of line, including working with Tommy. He told Ché that he refused to let anyone take what was his. After Mirkovic refused to kneel to Ché, he made it clear that he was stripping them of their supply. Mireya ended up coming back over to Tommy’s later in the episode. She couldn’t help but to bring up how much Miguel coming over scared her. Tommy assured her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She responded by saying she wasn’t worried about herself and it was him that she was worried about. She went on to share how when Miguel found out about his last partner that she was dating, he killed him. Once again, Tommy is able to sweet talk her to calm down and not worry so much. Tommy and Diamond went to Miguel and asked him for more product for cheaper prices. They convince him that if he agrees, they become a one stop shop (payments and re-ups) and he makes way more money than he is now. He lets them know that since he’s agreeing, he’s putting his neck on the line with the Cartel which means their necks are on the line with him. After the deal is made, Tommy was ecstatic. Diamond tried to get him to temper his excitement by telling him that everything seems good until Miguel finds out about their meeting with the DSDs. Diamond felt like once Miguel knew that they were supplying all of the guys that copped from the Serbs previously, he would realize that they’re coming for his spot next. Tommy was still convinced that once the DSDs were on board, there wouldn’t be anything Miguel could do regardless. Miguel obviously doesn’t see what’s going on right in front of his face but there is someone that does. While they ate dinner, Abuela gave Miguel a history lesson about his grandfather’s downfall was being too trusting. After Miguel mentions that they are stronger than ever now that they cut off the Serbs, Abuela asks whose idea that was. She goes on to tell him not to let what happened to his grandfather happen to him then specifically warns him that Tommy is going to come for his spot. Miguel arrogantly points out how Tommy could never take his spot because he’s never met Ché. Miguel shares that he’s going to make an offer to the DSDs and also that the Garcias are about to become the only connect in Chicago. When will Miguel find out that Tommy actually is coming for him? When will he find out that Tommy already has his sister? Will Tommy meet Ché soon? How will Mirkovic respond to being cut off?


Lieutenant DiFranco gave Attorney Marks an update on Vic’s entail and she wasn’t pleased. He gave them solid information but nothing that connects back to Tommy. As Stacy mentions how they’re going to have to go full court press on Vic, we meet Lori Lewis (member of the Department of Justice) again. Lewis came to get an update on where the task force was so that she could report back to the Attorney General. Stacy boastfully shared that they now have a high level CI working with Tommy. She goes on to explain how the testimony of their CI can lead all the way to the Estrada Cartel. Although Lori seemed pleased with what she heard, she made sure that Stacy knew that if the CI falls through, the DoJ will pull the plug and fire her. Marks didn’t take lightly to these threats. She urged Lieutenant DiFranco and Attorney Tseng to do whatever it takes to get more out of Tommy. Both men expressed how they thought that she had Vic right where she needed him to be and they shouldn’t crowd Tommy because he’ll eventually catch on. Before the meet with the DSDs, Vargas met with Vic to give him the wire (which was in the form of a necklace) that he would be wearing. Vargas gives Vic some sound advice in the process. He tells him that if he has to ditch the wire, do it because none of it matters if he’s dead. Before they departed from each other, Vargas gave Vic one more task…to put a tracker on Tommy’s car. After the meeting with the DSDs is successful, Tommy drops Vic off to his car. As he’s driving off, Tommy peeps Vargas’ car from earlier when he was staking out. Vic takes the wire off prior to exiting the car and coming to talk to Vargas. Vic and Vargas don’t even say more than 20 words combined before Tommy appears holding a gun at Vargas. Tommy questions Vic about if he knows the cop and if he’s a snitch. Vic says that he isn’t and the cop just rolled up on him. Tommy tells Vic that there’s only way to show that he’s not a snitch. Vic then pulls out his gun and kills Detective Vargas. What did Vic just get himself into? Did he prove himself to Tommy or make himself more suspicious? Whose to blame for the death of Vargas? How will Stacy Marks react? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!