Fame & Football: Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes Demolish Colorado State At Star-Studded Game, Lil Wayne Leads Team Out The Tunnel

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Deion Sanders is continuing to prove why he deserves the moniker “Prime Time” because his victory over Colorado State was not only thrilling but a star-studded event.

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The Colorado vs. Colorado State rivalry game was filled with A-Listers, including The Rock, Offset, and Lil’ Wayne, who led the Buffaloes out of the tunnel and onto the field ahead of their victory.

Fans seemed to enjoy the unexpected live performance by Lil Tunechi.

An user on X tweeted, “Why am I just seeing lil Wayne actually brought out Colorado…I love it when’s the next game???”

The legendary rapper performed a song with lyrics that said “it’s personal” and “I’m wearing my shades.” The bars threw shade about a statement Colorado State coach, Jay Norvell, made earlier this week.

“I don’t care if they hear it in Boulder: I told them, I took my hat off and I took my glasses off and I said, ‘When I talk to grownups, I take my hat and my glasses off,’” Norvell said. “That’s what my mother taught me.”
Sanders said Norvell “messed around and made it personal” and decided to gift each member of his team with his signature sunglasses, expressing, “I just want to say how y’all look … You look good. You look fly. … They don’t realize that they also just helped me with business. But it’s also going to be personal.”

The Rocky Mountain Showdown Brought The Stars Out To Cheer The Colorado Buffaloes To Victory

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NBA vet Chauncey Billups and Miami Heat baller Kyle Lowry were also amongst the stars at the college game, in addition to NBA star Kawhi Leonard and former NFLer Rob Gronkowski.
There were also bevies of stars on the sidelines supporting the Colorado Buffaloes, including Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and 4-time All-Pro NFL star Terrell Owens.

The athletes witnessed Deion’s son, quarterback Shedeur Sanders, and cornerback/wide receiver Travis Hunter lead the Buffaloes. They won with a stunning comeback at their first meeting with Colorado State since 2019.  Sheduer and Travis were also teammates when they played for Deion at Jackson State.
The Buffaloes lagged for most of the game until Deion’s son ran for 98 yards in the final two minutes, tying the score.
Coach Prime’s team was able to regain the lead from 11 points down in double overtime, sealing a 43-35 win over the Rams.

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Rapper Cam’ron of Dipset visited The Buffalo’s coach after his team beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 36-14 last weekend.

“Shoutout to Coach Prime, he laid the pink carpet out for me. Went down to Boulder, it was crazy. First of all, we on the field, we in the suite, chicken and waffles, steak, champagne — whatever we wanted… Really appreciate that,” he shared on social media.

The Harlem rapper noted how talented Coach Prime was at motivating his players.

“Then the pre-game speech the n*gga went crazy. I was ready to grab some shoulder pads and a helmet I was ready to go crazy my n*gga. I’m ready to knock a n*gga head off behind this sh*t, man”, the rapper excitedly expressed.

Source: Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images / Getty

Cam eventually imitated Shedeur’s watch flex during Nebraska’s pre-game, which prompted Deion to enter the chat in his comment section. He wrote, “That means ‘You Know What Time It Is’ #ShedeurSanders.”
Intertwining hip-hop with team sports seems to be a winning marketing strategy.
Prime Time is definitely keeping all eyes on him, and he’s consistently proving that he can back up the flash.