Whites Gone Wild: ‘Blind Side’ Author Mocks Michael Oher’s Dean’s List Ole Miss Education, Ex-College Coach Supports ‘Both Sides’ Of Lawsuit

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As the NFL season fast approaches, this off-the-field story might have as much traction in the news cycle as anything that is about to take place between the lines.
Michael Oher’s very public campaign against the Tuohy family is ongoing and people are coming out of the woodwork to comment on the situation. According to a report in PEOPLE, Oher’s former college coach at Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze, issued a statement speaking to his feeling of being “disheartened” at the friction between Oher and the Tuohy’s.

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While Freeze says that he has love for both sides of the legal battle, his comments suggest that his…empathetic impartiality does the shoulder lean about as well as Young Dro.

“I think it’s sad. I certainly don’t claim to understand all the ins and outs of adoption, conservatory, all of that. I know what I witnessed. I witnessed a family that totally took in a young man and I think without that, there is no story,” the outlet reported.
The head coach continued, “I know this: If Michael called Sean right now and said let’s work this thing out, Sean and Leigh Anne would be there in a hurry to hug his neck and tell him he’s loved,”

Freeze went on to say that “the facts will come out” and that he doesn’t have all the answers.
Another white person connected to this madness is Blind Side author Michael Lewis who has found himself in some retroactive hot water based on an interview that he did with Google back on September 11, 2007.

It doesn’t sound like Freeze or Lewis have much regard for Michael Oher and we hope that history and the court of law judge their comments accordingly.