They Are The Visual, Baby: A YEWNIQUE Collection Of BAElien Superstars, Fashion Supernovas & Cosmic Cowgirls Who Slayyyed At Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ World Tour

They are the visual, baby!

Source: IG: @enigivensunday

Everyone’s buzzing over Queen Bey‘s massively successful Renaissance World Tour that’s dominated headlines, boosted local economies, and inspired intergalactic slays with a splash of yeehaw from fans having the time of their lives at thee show of all shows.

With over $154 million in overseas earnings and several shows remaining, the Renaissance World Tour could surpass The Weeknd‘s ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ Tour ($350 million), Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ Tour ($311 million), and Bruno Mars‘ ’24K Magic’ Tour ($305 million) to become the highest-grossing Tour of ALL-TIME.

At this point, the culture-shifting experience is already iconic with its dazzling sequences, epic costume changes, and BLUE IVY who continues to send packed stadiums into a frenzy with her electric boom kacks.

Starry-eyed fans flocking to the shows can also expect to be silent during the viral mute challenge that gets more serious by the city.

not this girl literally silenced the girl next to her when Beyoncé asked to be mute
— ᴀʀᴛʜ (@arthfobic) August 12, 2023

And by serious, we mean you may be in danger if you’re not mute during that moment of Beyoncé’s anticipated “Heated” performance.

The way the WHOLE section turned around LMFAOOO
— Yoncé Vocals (@YonceVocals) August 10, 2023

As of today, Atlanta is the reigning winner of the challenge after dethroning Washington D.C. So, if you need to practice being mute, we highly recommend you do so before the next show.

Bey said ATL won the mute challenge! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #RENAISSANCEWOLRDTOUR #beyonce #RWT
— I’M THE BAR (@JardanP) August 12, 2023

For those who insist on being tardy to the world’s biggest party, you have over a month to secure your tickets before the tour wraps up on September 27th in New Orleans.
What’s your favorite fashion trend from the Renaissance World Tour? Have you experienced the show? If so, how was it? If not, do you plan on attending, at some point? Tell us down below and enjoy our collection of BAElien superstars on the flip.