Trailer Exclusive: BET+’s ‘Caught Up’ Starring Jasmin Brown Details Majorly Messy Relationship Drama

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Jasmin Brown is starring on BET+’s Caught Up as a woman engrossed in a scandalous relationship and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive look at the trailer.

Source: Caught Up / BET+

A press release reports that the new dramedy series streaming August 24 focuses on a beautiful, spicy, ambitious young lady named Jazzy who, like most women in their twenties, wants it all – the career, the home, the husband.

Growing up, having witnessed her parents’ playful and loving marriage, she’s always been focused on never settling for less than she deserves that is until she gets swept off her feet by a handsome, successful, and spontaneous man named Wayne.
After meeting Wayne while working in a club, Jazzy finds herself embroiled in a whirlwind romance with the man who checks all her boxes.

“When I saw him it was like the club just stopped,” says Jazzy in the trailer. “I coldn’t keep my eyes off of him and he couldn’t keep his off of me.”
“And that was the beginnning of the most exciting and traumatic ride of my life.”

Wayne is seemingly a picture-perfect partner until Jazzy learns that after a year of building their relationship, he’s been unfaithful—not to her, but to his longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancée. With confiding in her traditional Caribbean parents out of the question, her only confidant is her untraditional jailbird cousin, Toya.
Now, Jazzy has to decide: “Is sharing really settling, if you’ve found the love of your life?

“He loves you, but he just proposed to another man?” she’s asked in the trailer.
“It’s complicated,” Jazzy confesses.

Watch things get majorly messy for Jazzy in the Caught Up trailer below.

BET+’s new dramedy series Caught Up with comedian and actress Jasmin Brown is set to debut on BET+ on August 24.

Creator: Jasmin Brown
Produced by: Tyler Perry Studios
Executive Producers: Tyler Perry, Jasmin Brown