Food For The Soul: Westside Boogie Talks Music & Favorite Recipes On Tastemade’s ‘All Up In My Grill’ With Chef Dale Talde

<div>Food For The Soul: Westside Boogie Talks Music & Favorite Recipes On Tastemade’s ‘All Up In My Grill’ With Chef Dale Talde</div>

Source: Courtesy / Tastemade

On the heels of the Season 3 premier of All Up in My Grill, Dale Talde (a Chicago-born, award-winning Filipino-American chef) and Compton, CA rapper Westside Boogie recently sat down to push their palates at the iconic Grandmaster Recorders in LA where they had a spirited conversation about the intersection of urban culture and food. They dished on everything from Boogie’s childhood memories of eating “syrup bread” and learning to cook fried chicken (his recipe can be found HERE), to the realization that proving yourself in your field really begins after your first break. They also bond over the shared belief that whether it’s eating Dale’s food or listening to Boogie’s music, everyone should be able to consume art freely

Dale Talde has a deep love for hip-hop and fast food – they’re simply a part of his DNA. His personality, interests, and the meals he creates are a melting pot of cultures, which set the stage for an insightful conversation, uncovering surprising mutual interests and new discoveries. Chef Dale not only pushes Westside Boogie to try new foods like fig and duck but also gives advice on how to demystify grilling and make it easy with a gas grill. While learning more about each other, Westside Boogie and Chef Dale find a lot of common ground in their respective crafts and surprise each other with their favorite music and food.

In the midst of the conversation, Boogie shared one of his strengths, which was making fried chicken. With that, he also shared one of his “weaknesses” when it comes to cooking.

“I know how to make fried chicken. I got that from my momma, so I’m good at that.” the 33 year-old said. “I don’t feel like a man sometimes because I don’t know how to grill…me and fire got a love hate relationship so that just feel like ultimate push my fear in my face but maybe I’ll overcome it soon.”

Boogie learned to make fried chicken from his mother. In that same light, he also learned how important being around family was at a young age.”

“My earliest memory of cookouts are obviously with my family, my grandparents. Having those moments of family, you don’t really realize in those moments how special it is. When you look back and think about those moments, you’re just super grateful that you had them.”

You can check out Dale and Boogie’s full conversation on Tastemade’s All Up In My Grill below!