Fire It Up: Celebrate 4/20 With BOSSIP’s Hand Selected Cannabis Brands & Accessories You Should Try

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One of the most fun holidays of the year is finally here, celebrate 4/20 with these hand-selected brands we know you’ll love.
Every year in April when the 20th rolls around we have to acknowledge the unofficial holiday that is 4/20. With cannabis becoming legal in more places every year there is a lot to celebrate. Finally, more states are decriminalizing the flower and also stopping police from using ‘the smell” as an excuse for searches. Every year we try to highlight brands and products making noise in the cannabis industry that more people should know about. We have hand selected what we think are some of the best additions to your smoking routine that’ll upgrade your smoke session.

Hand-Picked Cannabis Companies You Should Shop With To Celebrate 4/20
Playboy x Sackville Platinum Smoke Set
Sackville is one of the best up-and-coming cannabis accessories brands on the market. Yes, they have a fire collaboration with Playboy launching today for 4/20, but every product is a home run. Outside of the collaboration make sure to check out the Bougie Coffee Table set, Powerful rolling essentials kit, and of course the rolling papers.

Vessel Pipe & Ashtray
Vessel has made several appearances in our cannabis round-ups and they continue to stay in their line and deliver usable quality accessories. The Ash is by far one of the best-designed ashtrays on the market. It feels good, has storage underneath, and can be covered to blend in on any surface.
For 4/20 Vessel is launching a new addition to their line up the Pipe Series. For now it comes in two colors Gun Metal and Rose Gold. The design is similar to a traditional pipe but sexier.




Lost Farm Gummies & Chews
Everyone’s preferred method of consuming flower is different. For a lot of people smoking just isn’t their thing for various reasons. Edibles are fun, compact, and easy to take on the go. If you love edibles Lost Farm’s edibles are a must-try. They do not cut corners with taste or quality and have mastered making them without a nasty aftertaste. For 4/20 they launched a new flavor Russian White Widow Chews and these are sure to be delicious. We also recommend checking out the Ceral Milk & Cinnamon Apple, Do-Si-Dos Sour Apple, and any others you can find near you.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer
Believe it or not Cannabis-infused drinks are becoming a thing and they aren’t as bad as you would assume by the name. If there was any day to try them 4/20 is the day to reach outside your comfort zone and go for it. Also, these are perfect in any situation where drinking is going down but you rather have THC over liquor. You can click here to locate a seltzer near you. There are several different flavors but the Mango Blood Orange seems to be the hit.

Magic Butter Machine
One of the oldest 4/20 traditions is attempting to make your own edible thc infused baked goods. The Magic Butter Machine is the perfect accessory to help you cook up delicious infused treats.

The MagicalButter machine is so easy anyone can make restaurant-quality butter at home. Prepare your materials by warming them slowly in an oven: Decarboxylation – A process that uses low heat to activate your material to be fully ready for MagicalButter Extraction! Spread your material out on a cookie sheet or similar & bake @ 240° F / 115° C for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes to ensure all your material is evenly baked. Grind your Material – Grind your material in an Aerospace or Groove grinder. Don’t process into a powder, leave your materials little rough. Make MagicalButter – Add your material to the MagicalButter, then add 2-5 cups of melted clarified butter. Secure the machine’s head, and press the temperature button for 160F° / 71 C°. Press ‘2 Hours/Butter’ button. After the cycle is complete, unplug the unit and remove the head. Using the LoveGlove, pour the contents into the PurifyFilter and then into formed molds or any other container. Allow to cool and it’s done!

Jeeter is reportedly the #1 pre-rolled dcannabis brand in Californa with an elite line-up to choose from. We know real smokers have weird feelings about celebrity cannabis but Jeeter is not that. However, Dwayne Wade sits on the board of the brand founded after the team founded the Life In Color EDM festival. With that background you know the activations are worth attending. Jeeter also has a premium apparel line for die-hard supporters.
Jeeter is bringing back their pop-up tour: Jeeter Mart just in time for 4/20. The pop-ups will take place at 4:20 pm and will run from April 20th through May 27th. The pop-ups will be held in California, Arizona, and Michigan. Click here to find the one closest to you. If you can’t attend the pop-up we recommend trying the Baby Cannon Pre-Roll this 4/20.

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