Adult Swim Shared The First Two Minutes Of The ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5 Premiere

Rick and Morty is back for a new season on Sunday, and we already know what the first episode’s cold open will look like. The Adult Swim YouTube channel posted the first two minutes of the show’s season five premiere on Friday, and we now know that Rick’s much-hyped nemesis gets introduced right away.
The cold open is something some of the show’s fans have likely already seen, as a rough animation of the clip was shown back in 2020 and also lives on YouTube. The open has Morty carrying an injured Rick past some sci fi things, including a look at another universe where they were Blades.
“Leave me, Morty,” Rick says weakly. “It’s the only way.”
Morty does not, loading him in the ship and getting them through a portal and back into Earth’s atmosphere in pretty rough shape. After a call with Jessica, however, Morty decided life was worth living and tries to land the damaged vessel safely back on the ground. Eagle-eared fans will notice they cut a line from Morty about wanting to live from the original version, though the fully-animated version has a clever change in background as Morty finalizes a date with his crush.
That sets up meeting Mr. Nimbus, who has appeared in a number of teasers and trailers ahead of Season 5, sometimes referred to as “horny ocean man.” We’ll see exactly what Rick and Nimbus get up to on Sunday, but at least we know that we won’t have to wait all season to finally meet Rick’s once and eternal nemesis.