Bruce Springsteen Confirmed A 2022 Tour With The E Street Band, And Has A Collaboration With The Killers

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Plans for Bruce Springsteen to return to Broadway are well underway, and rumors about his plans for a 2022 tour (possibly with The E Street Band) has also been happily received by fans. What was even better was when Bruce called into the Sirius XM’s E Street Radio to give more updates on what he’s been up to recently. He told the show’s hosts Jim Rotolo and Dave Marsh about plans for a tour with the band, casually confirming that rumor, before dropping a bomb about a new collaboration that will have indie rock fans thrilled — he’s working with The Killers.
“It’s [Brandon Flowers] and I with the band, we have done something that is going to come out soon, in a week or so,” Springsteen said. “I’ve been staying busy.” He also mentioned working with another big name, this one more in his own generation, John Mellencamp. “I worked on three songs on John’s album and I spent some time in Indiana with him,” Springsteen said. “I love John a lot. He’s a great songwriter and I have become very close [with him] and had a lot of fun with him. I sang a little bit on his record.”
Maybe that song with Bleachers helped The Boss realize that milennial rockers love working with him? Keep an eye out for Brandon and Bruce, coming your way soon.