Marjorie Taylor-Greene Tweeted About More Imaginary Things She Believes In, And This Time It’s A New Day On The Calendar

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has a long history of believing wild things that are simply not true. From the sprawling QAnon conspiracy to Jewish space lasers and the fact that Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him, Greene knows a falsehood to support when she sees one. But while her latest flub may have not have been intentional, it definitely fit the bill for the congresswoman from Georgia.
The latest Twitter moment from Greene to go viral came at the expense of Anthony Fauci, who conservatives have hounded for months over any number of things as the federal government deals with the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Josh Hawley has also barked up this tree in recent days, saying Fauci should resign while others pointed out that’s what he should have done for encouraging insurrectionists at the US Capitol ahead of and on January 6. But Greene’s letter to the White House drew particular ire because she apparently believes in another thing that doesn’t exist: a 31st day in June.
The letter, which included a long list of coronavirus and pandemic falsehoods too lengthy to counter, was dismissed outright by many. But those who actually got to the end of the rambling missive managed to note that Greene demanded answers on “June 31” of this year. Which is, of course, a date that doesn’t exist in the Julian calendar.

Today, I sent this letter to Joe Biden to demand an immediate investigation into Anthony Fauci’s lies and his potential involvement in the cover up of the origins of the China virus.
The American people deserve answers on the Wuhan lab & Fauci deserves to be held accountable!
— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (@RepMTG) June 4, 2021

At this point the best assumption to make is that these mistakes are actually part of a strategy to get more attention for the already toothless congresswoman, who can’t serve on committees and is essentially left sending inane letters to the Biden administration she’s refused to admit actually has any authority to run the country a number of times in the weeks and months since Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.
Still, that didn’t stop plenty of folks for dunking on the June 31 and the letter in general.

So Marjorie Taylor Greene has written the White House, demanding that Fauci’s emails be investigated and that she expects answers by “June 31, 2021”.
Just one SLIGHT issue:
— Liam Kent (@l___kent) June 5, 2021

“June 31st.”
— Kristi Coulter (@KristiCCoulter) June 5, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene has requested that Biden investigate Fauci and she wants answers by June 31st, a date which does not exist
— Matt Binder (@MattBinder) June 5, 2021

Who’s going to tell her June only has 30 days
— Mark Ward (@mark__ward) June 5, 2021

At least when this joke gets made on Parks and Recreation the result is a lot funnier than the reality of Taylor Greene actually holding office in America, which is still a thing that happened in real life.