Tomi Lahren’s Take On The Derek Chauvin Verdict Was Ridiculous, Even For Her


While there’s been much rejoicing over the guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin, convicted of murdering George Floyd just under a year ago. But not everyone’s in a good mood. Conservative commentators were quick to spout inventively offensive remarks. Greg Gutfeld got schooled by his own Fox News colleagues after he confessed he was mostly happy, but only because it meant his neighborhood wouldn’t be overrun with protesters. Ben Shapiro said something dumb. As did, alas, Nancy Pelosi. And, of course, so did Tomi Lahren.

You got your justice so I’d assume there will be peace in Minneapolis tonight? No rioting? No looting? No harassing officers?
— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) April 20, 2021

Is the Foot Locker safe tonight? Should be, right? Justice, right? No need to steal in the name of George Floyd anymore, right?
— Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) April 20, 2021

“You got your justice so I’d assume there will be peace in Minneapolis tonight? No rioting? No looting? No harassing officers?” Lahren tweeted at people who were almost certainly not going to protest against a verdict they see as just. But she wasn’t done. “Is the Foot Locker safe tonight? Should be, right? Justice, right? No need to steal in the name of George Floyd anymore, right?”
Mind you, the reaction to Chauvin’s verdict has been jubilant, if bittersweet: Real justice, as many have pointed out, would have been George Floyd walking away from the ordeal alive. Moreover, it was the months of protests, often with violent pushback by police, that turned the murder of Floyd into something that could actually affect real change.
But Lahren wasn’t having that. And people weren’t having Lahren’s comments. They wondered who “you” was referring to, exactly. They wondered why she chose Foot Locker. Actually, they didn’t have to wonder very hard; they knew the answer.

My justice? It’s just “justice” you racist twazzle. Did you think it was a good thing he murdered a man? Damn, I’ll never get the brutality and heinous, callous, vile, hatred you spew Tammy, you really are a POS. Hey, but on @FOX, that pays the bills. Work it.
— Titus (@TitusNation) April 21, 2021

One of the countless problems with racist xenophobes like this moron is that a black man, face down on the pavement with a knee on his neck, is precisely her idea of “peace.”
— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) April 20, 2021

The epitome of white privilege.
— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) April 20, 2021

“YOU got YOUR justice…”
Y’all see that loaded fucking language? Who is this YOU you’re talking about Tammy? Say it with your whole chest since you’re so bold.
— beyonTAY knowles. (@ImForeverTaylor) April 20, 2021

“You blacks” is what you really meant to say.
— Low (@LowKeyUHTN) April 20, 2021

Some simply bashed her.

The entire world: JUSTICE IS SERVED!
Tomi Lahren:
— monarch (@Quotemeorelse) April 20, 2021

Society if Tomi Lahren’s dad used a condom.
— C A L E B (@ThaVitaminC) April 20, 2021

Tomi Lahren holding back that n-word so hard right now
— M. Scarn (@Sc0ttst0tts) April 20, 2021

My god, Tomi. Even Lauren Boebert knows to STFU right now. #verdict: He’s guilty AF, and you’re racist.
— 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙻𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕 𝙿𝚘𝚎𝚝 (𝙻𝙿) (@TheLiberalPoet) April 20, 2021

Others pointed out that she didn’t say anything remotely similar about what happened at the Capitol building on January 6, when there was plenty of rioting and looting and harassment, as well as multiple deaths.

The country wasn’t safe when YOUR PEOPLE, white supremacist domestic terrorists attacked the US Capitol in a twisted attempt to overthrow the government for Putin owned criminal Trump. Killing Capitol policemen. Where was your random tweet then? Take a stadium full of seats
— waltb31 (@waltb31) April 20, 2021

Is the capitol safe tonight..?
— lo (@lophiile) April 20, 2021

Sometimes, it be your own people.
— G O L D I E. (@goldietaylor) April 20, 2021

I thought you LOVED rioting, looting, and harassment of officers
— Hyan ハイアン (@_thehyan) April 20, 2021

Others pointed out some other bad takes she had after the verdict was read.

Tomi thinks that unless a cop yells “I’m killing you because you’re Black,” that it can’t possibly be race-related.
— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) April 20, 2021

Some dragged Ben Shapiro (and Nancy Pelosi) into it.

Ben Shapiro and Tomi Lahren being completely ubable to hide their disdain for Black people for even 15 minutes after a cop is convicted of killing one of us is extremely on brand for the white supremacist movements they fuel and profit from.
— Rebecca Pierce (@aptly_engineerd) April 20, 2021

BEN SHAPIRO: Well, that was a crappy thing I said about the Derek Chauvin verdict
NANCY PELOSI: Hold my beer
— The Gil-Monster #BLM, WEAR A MASK (@the_gil_monster) April 20, 2021

And others had a novel idea: Maybe start ignoring her completely.

It’ll never happen to Ben Shapiro or Tomi Lahren’s family, and we know the part of their brain where empathy should be is broken, so please stop giving them attention. You don’t need to surface the worst responses every time.
— Akilah Hughes (@AkilahObviously) April 20, 2021

I really forget Tomi Lasagna exists until she’s brought back into the timeline because she’s getting outrage engagement. Please block her. She builds her platform off of us, and it’s been time for us to pay her dust.
— L E A (@_MissLeandra) April 20, 2021

Ben Shapiro & Tomi Lahren trend because they said something stupid & racist about the #verdict. We do give them way too much attention, which I’m guilty of too. People are right to say we should ignore them; they don’t debate in good faith or at all because they have an agenda.
— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) April 20, 2021