‘Let The Right One In’ Is Being Brought Back To Life As A TV Show, With Demian Bichir As The Put-Upon Caretaker


There were a lot of vampires in the aughts — you may recall four whole Twilight movies, for one thing — but real heads know there’s one that towers above them all: Let the Right One In, the eccentric Swedish import about a bloodsucker permanently trapped in a tween girl’s body, who befriends a bullied mortal boy. It’s so beloved that even the requisite American remake failed to outperform the original. And now it’s coming back, again, this time as a TV show.
As per Deadline, Showtime has just greenlit a small screen version of the wintry chiller. Moreover, they’ve already cast one of the main three roles: Demián Bichir, Oscar-nominee and always welcome supporting player, will take the role of the middle aged caretaker of the 12-year-old-looking vampire, who must commit heinous acts to keep his charge alive.
Bichir’s not the first esteemed thespian to take that role. In Let Me In, the aforementioned remake, he’s played by no less than Richard Jenkins, who gave his sometimes tragically bumbling attempts real gravitas. That redo, incidentally, is a lot better than it had to be. Directed by Matt Reeves, before his Apes films and The Batman, it manages to be just different enough, even coming up with a couple all-timer set pieces that even the original couldn’t conjure up. Then again, Reeves didn’t have to stretch it out into an entire TV show.
(Via Deadline)