Halsey Is Joining The NFT Wave To Auction Off A Painting

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The NFT wave is growing more and more every day. Among the participants are musicians, who, with concerts and tours still on hold due to the pandemic, have turned to cryptocurrency art to make some money. It should come as no surprise that Halsey has decided to join in on the fun. The singer announced on Friday that she will be auctioning off an original painting she made on Nifty Gateway, a marketplace where some of the biggest NFT collectors can be found. Halsey’s art will be listed as the series “People Disappear Here” and it will feature digital animations of the painting’s seven characters, complete with chilling music. A digital animation of the full painting will be available as well.
“The characters are all inspired by figures that occurred in a series of sleep paralysis nightmares I had at home during the quarantine,” Halsey said in a statement. “After seven years of bed surfing hotel rooms around the world, adjusting to my own pitch black cave in California had a little bit of a learning curve. From toddler TV programming evil dentists, a child born with massive claws who scratched her way out of the womb, to a woman who stood at the foot of my bed and demanded I watch her masturbate. They were memorable to say the least. I’m excited to be sharing them in a space that prioritizes artist integrity, and in a market that perpetuates the value of intellectual property.”
The auction is set to begin on March 17. Halsey’s announcement comes after Grimes made $6 million on music that she released through a cryptocurrency art auction. Post Malone is also giving select ticket holders a chance to play beer pong with him, funded by NFTs, while Diplo is preparing to sell a collection of digital animations as well.
You can watch a trailer for the upcoming auction on Halsey’s Instagram Story here.