Ted Cruz And Texas Governor Greg Abbott Took Advice About The Freak Winter Storm From A Notorious Climate Change Denier

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Lately Ted Cruz has been a lot like Sideshow Bob relentlessly stepping on rakes. (Or moreso than usual.) His old miserliness towards other states requesting emergency aid got dug up as his own state fell victim to a freak winter storm. He got busted trying to flee on a family vacation. Once he promptly returned home, he got mocked some more, including for trying to blame the catastrophe on the New Green Deal — a thing that hasn’t even been voted on, let alone enacted. We now know one reason he tried to do that: He chatted with a notorious climate change denier.
As per Vice, both Cruz and Texas Governor Greg Abbott held pow-wow sessions with one Joe Bastardi, a meteorologist who’s made a pretty penny saying climate change is “naturally occurring.” He also believes progressive “weaponize” extreme weather tragedies caused by climate change to push their evil socialist agenda. Moreover, he’s a policy advisor to the Heartland Institute, whose warm and fuzzy name obscures their longtime aggression towards climate change consensus, and who have reportedly received tens of millions of dollars from Exxon and foundations linked to the right-funding Koch brothers.
And which matchmaker hooked Cruz and Abbott up with this skeptic? Why, Sean Hannity, of course. Bastardi is a frequent guest on Hannity’s show, though it was on The Glenn Beck Program that he admitted he’d educated Cruz and Abbott, both of whom were dragged for trying to pin the blame on wind turbines. The truth was that the majority of blackouts were due to gas wells and pipes being frozen and blocked by cold weather. But it’s so like Ted Cruz to ask the wrong person about science.
(Via Vice)