More Plastic Surgery?! Fans Think Cardi B Knifed Her Nose Into Oblivion

Fans are pointing out Cardi B’s allegedly new nose.
Source: Prince Williams / Getty
Cardi B is re-sparking rumors of getting plastic surgery to her nose. The rapper who was born to a Dominican mother and a Trinidadian father and raised in the Bronx seemed unrecognizable to fans in recent photos.

Cardi B look different as hell with that nose job … thought that was Ari on the TL
— See me, Hear me, Feel me (@MaiDojoh) October 11, 2020

Fans pointed out Cardi B looked different last weekend as she shared video and photos from her 28th birthday celebration. Some people commented that the difference in her appearance was due to filters but, a recent night out in Atlanta shows Cardi B’s alleged new face under a camera flash and she does look a but different.
Does it look like Cardi B knifed her nose up to YOU?

Belcalis is not stranger to going under the knife. The rapper has been open about getting her breasts touched up surgically. In 2019, the star underwent a mommy-makeover, defending the decision by claiming she didn’t have time to work out due to her busy schedule.
Earlier this year, Cardi B was spotted wearing a face mask before the pandemic to her best friend’s baby shower. Since then, her photos and videos on Instagram have been heavily filtered. Do you think this is when she could have had some work done?