SZA BBLasts Fans For Fictitious Plastic Surgery Allegations Amid Her Previous Crafted Cakes Confession —’I Heard I Had A Facelift, A Nose Job…’

Despite candidly crooning about a BBL, SZA denies social media’s ongoing surgery speculation about other operations she’s undergone: “You would rather believe the TikTok thread. You would rather believe whatever Twitter thread.”

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Part of the price for mainstream success is scrutiny, but SZA is fed up. In a recent interview for the Wall Street Journal’s Innovators Issue, she set the record straight about her other famous features. The singer doubled down on the denial that her freckles, face, and nose are anything but natural beauty. However, fans claim this is yet another epic exSZAggeration.

“That s**t is low-key offensive. Not low-key, it’s high-key offensive,” she says. “But what am I supposed to do? Post a debunking thread? That’s crazy,” she said.

Y’all better do what u want . Life too short . Only person who gotta be in ur skin is you . No regrets .
— SZA (@sza) October 29, 2023

The Grammy winner called out social media sleuths who will dedicate endless content to this gossip but won’t do basic research. When it comes to topics like freckles, SZA says she’s been there and done that. She claims the truth just isn’t as spicy as clickbait about her.

“You would rather believe the TikTok thread. You would rather believe whatever Twitter thread; you could just google yourself and figure out. There’s clear instances when I talked about my freckles,” she continued.

See how SZA explained singing about a BBL she didn’t get and fan reactions after the flip!

SZA Says Almost Everything About Her Music Is Deeply Authentic Except Her BBL Bars, Fans Call Cap On SZA’s Cosmetic Clarification

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This is a curious case, considering the title track on the smash hit album SOS admits to surgically enhanced BBLessings. Throughout the interview, SZA explains that her music is deeply personal to her. After a decade together, she says TDE’s President Punch arranging her tracks is “like you’re digging through my underwear drawer when I’m not home.”
Yet, she insists singing about getting a BBL was just relatable content for SZA’s fans, not a personal confession. The “Kill Bill” baddie bashed the list of projected procedures as “crazy s**t.” Who are you going to believe: SZA or your lying eyes?

“I hear crazy shit about myself. I heard I had a facelift, I heard I had a nose job, I heard my teeth were fake. Now do I need to go out and get a nose job because you all made me feel like I need one?” she asked.

The record-breaking star would prefer for people to focus on the music that she pours her heart (and anxiety) into. She lamented that many of her biggest hits, like “Snooze” took the least time and effort to make.
When it comes to her performance on Drake’s “Slime You Out,” the 33-year-old was just warming up when Drizzy locked it in. She delivered a more polished version, but he kept SZA’s first effort. This mortified the perpetual perfectionist.

“I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album. I’m scared because I handed in second vocals and he didn’t use that. And now I’m like, ‘Are you trying to sabotage me?’” she reflected.
“I know that’s not true. I literally know that’s not true, but that’s how bad I feel about my first draft. When things come from an effortless space, I almost can’t enjoy it,” she said about the single which debuted No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

.@sza’s ‘SOS’ has now sold over 4 million total units in the US (album).
— chart data (@chartdata) October 30, 2023

In fact, SZA puts so much of herself into her music she worries about fans who feel all of it a little too hard.

“If they relate too much [to the music], then they must be having a very hard time,” she added.

when sza said “trying to find deeper meaning in nonsense, trying to grow without hating the process, tired of anticipating the worst, yet still anticipating the worst” i ducked
— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) October 21, 2023

Nothing says “going through it” like a heavy SZA rotation, but that’s what makes her a star. For someone so driven to be flawless and vulnerable at the same time, the surgery denial never quite curls over for fans. Check out some of the reactions to to SZA slamming surgery speculation.

You literally just said you got your body done on your album.
— @kp_official1 on IG (@kp_official_1) October 30, 2023

sza wasn’t even huge for that dramatic of a weight change in her face for real, she needs 2 cut the shit 😭
— destiny (@DESSH3R) October 30, 2023

My girl said
— Taè (@__Rocka) October 30, 2023

— rxmsxy (@rxmsxy) October 30, 2023

I love sza as much as the next person but she rlly struggles with lying
— cosmiq creature🦀 (@callmeeelijah) October 30, 2023

SZA fixed this, SZA fixed that lol you guys were the doctors yea? Y’all better leave her alone.
— Angie (@Ange_Sirri) October 30, 2023

I want SZA to love herself because why are you not only lying but being incredulous about having work done
— You can call me DOCTOR Ash now (@Miss_AshG) October 30, 2023

If SZA said she didn’t do it then she didn’t do it.End!!!!
— Angie (@Ange_Sirri) October 30, 2023

I like SZA (her music we don’t know these people) but girlllll we know a pinched nose when we see one…
— Kelli (@itsMFKelli) October 30, 2023

Why is sza lying about working on her body like if she says yes they gone beat her ass or some ma’am no 1 cares every1 doing that shit now drake for example
— Onyix (@tremiene) October 30, 2023

If sza says she ain’t get no surgery, she ain’t get no surgery 🤷‍♂️🔥
— mauri 😼 (@therealcorpse) October 30, 2023

I love SZA, that’s my girl. But her history of lying is insane, then be tryna make ppl feel bad😭
— Brooklyn👑 (@_amirabrooks) October 30, 2023

i like how she sandwiched a true claim between two outlandish ones. a master liar. she’s come so far from when she was claiming she had a marine biology degree from an ivy league school…
— tam-eek!-a👻 (@prettycritical) October 30, 2023

The people obviously love SZA, regardless of the rumors. The numbers don’t lie!
Do you believe SZA slamming the plastic surgery speculation?