Everything’s N***er In Texas: Stafford Security Guard Goes On Racist Rant Following Road Rage Incident, Allegedly Spits On Black Woman

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Source: Grace Cary / Getty

Racism in Texas?!? Say it ain’t so!
According to Fox26, a white man in Stafford, Texas who works as an armed security guard is now under investigation after a Black woman claims that he spit on her and damaged her vehicle during a road rage incident. A Black woman named Denishia Lewis says she was stopped behind David Tupper at a red light and when the light changed, he didn’t move. She claims that she gave him a courtesy honk to alert him of the green light, but he still remained motionless, so she drove around his motorcycle. That when things went left…

“I hear acceleration from the bike and the next thing you know he accelerates from the right lane and punches my right mirror,” says Lewis. According to her, he hit the mirror so hard it cracked the plastic casing.

Shocked, Lewis followed Tupper into a gas station and asked for his insurance information to which he replied, “Go fix your car and stop honking at people when you don’t need to.” Lewis says Tupper then began spouting off racist insults complete with all the epithets that you’ve come to loathe.

“He called me a coon, a monkey, a (n-word). I’m not a coon. I’m not a monkey, and I’m not an n-word. I’m Black, and I’m American, and I’m human just like he is,” says Lewis.

Lewis says that Tupper claimed that he is a former cop and was armed with a pistol on his hip during their tense exchange. She believes that Tupper was looking for any reason whatsoever to unholster his firearm and use it on her, “If I would have made the wrong move or given him any reason. That’s why he said all of those things about me, because he wanted to have a reason to take me out.”
The exchange was captured on Lewis’ cell phone camera.

Hopefully, this guy gets doxxed or something. He needs to learn.