Dead Reckoning: ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Dead Reckoning: ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

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Tommy makes bold moves to connect CBI directly with the Cartel as he hustles to stay ahead of the many adversaries out for his blood. Diamond is forced to make a decision that has dire consequences.


Diamond wakes up to Gianna cooking breakfast for the two of them. While they ate, Gianna admitted to knowing who Diamond was. She told him that although they were having fun, Leon comes first and she must always protect him. She went on to tell Diamond that he can’t have a negative impact on her son. Diamond responded by telling her that he’s not who he used to be and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove that. Tommy brings Diamond up to date on the situation with Vargas. He tells Diamond that they have to get smarter by moving the stashes around. He also brings up the fact that Ché is back in town and it could be their chance to step up, but they need to recruit the Sons of Destructions (SODs) first. Diamond tells Tommy that the SODs and CBI have been beefing for quite some time. Tommy tells Diamond that he’ll smooth it over but he needs him to be at the meet also. At the shop, Mr. Reeves comes and gives Diamond his flowers for his speech at the rally. He leaves without making Diamond take a piss test, signaling the two are turning a corner and Reeves notices the growth in Diamond. Tommy approaches Jenard about the bug Vic planted in his ear. Jenard admits that Claudia did offer him a deal but he turned it down since he has “brand loyalty” and has never made money with white people. Tommy sternly tells him that if Claudia ever comes around him again, he better let him know. As Tommy texts Diamond the time for the meet with the SODs, Leon and Gianna enter the shop bearing good news. Leon told Diamond that’s he going to be getting interviewed on TV about his non-violence campaign and wanted to know if he could practice his speech with him. Of course Diamond agreed. There was one problem though…the meet with Tommy and the time Leon was supposed to come back and practice were at the same time. Diamond called Jenard and had him take his spot at the meet. As the meeting is happening, the Serbs ambush it and start a full fledge shootout. During the craziness, Jenard had a clean shot on Tommy but instead killed a Serb. The moment seemed to earn Jenard some respect from Tommy. More importantly, after realizing what Mirkovic had just done, the leader of the SODs agreed to join the coalition. After the meet, Tommy asks Jenard to check on Diamond and see where his head was. Diamond was busy being a father figure. At the shop, he gave Leon some much needed words of encouragement while teaching him how to tie his tie. As Leon was walking back into his house, he was approached by the two bullies that were previously harassing him. Instead of stepping in the middle of it, Diamond watches as Leon shows off his boxing skills. After getting beat up, one of the bullies grabs a gun and shoots Leon right in front of Leon. Diamond is devastated and immediately calls 911. When Gianna returns home and sees the scene and how Diamond is looking, she knows right away that it had something to do with Leon. As one might expect, she was hysterical and blamed it all on Diamond. Back at Shanti’s gym, Jenard recapped how he had the chance to take Tommy out but chose not to. Shanti then tells him about her and Claudia going into business with the Serbs. Jenard quickly tells her that it’s a bad idea and that they’d be kicked to the curb if Tommy and Diamond found out. She had other plans though. Shanti and Jenard came to Tommy’s crib and admitted that they were in with Claudia and the Serbs. Before Tommy could curse Jenard out, Shanti took ownership. She said that she struck the deal with Claudia and when Jenard found out, he thought it would be best to bring it straight to Tommy. Instead of cutting them off, Tommy tells Shanti to keep working with them and to keep him updated on everything they’re doing. Before they leave, Tommy asks Jenard if he has talked to Diamond. Jenard says he hasn’t but does note that Leon got killed. Speaking of Leon again, his father Jamal made his way back to the city. He caught Mr. Reeves going to his car and told him about Leon’s death and that Diamond was playing him. At the shop, Diamond is clearly not in the right state of mind. When one of the CBI workers comes in to drop off some drugs and cash, Diamond is knee deep in a bottle. Instead of having him take the money to the basement, Diamond tells him to leave it there with him. Diamond pours all the money and drugs on himself and sits in shame. Tommy meets with Jenny Su and finds out that there’s an active criminal informant working with CBI. Tommy intends to take this information to Diamond but finds him inebriated in the same spot he had sitting for hours. Diamond comes to the conclusion that he’s a drug dealer and that’s who he’ll always be. As Tommy tries to put the money and drugs back in the bag, Mr. Reeves walks in. Reeves takes out his handcuffs as if he’s about to take Diamond back to jail, ignoring Tommy’s warning. As Reeves inches closer, Diamond slits his throat with one of his barber blades and then drops it on the ground. Tommy had a devilish smile on his face when the episode ended, showing that he liked what he had just seen. Are we about to see the pre-prison Diamond come back? Is Gianna completely done with Diamond? How will Tommy and Diamond find out who the snitch is? Is Jenard going to regret being with Shanti?


The episode began with the aftermath of Detective Vargas’ death. Tommy was confused how Vargas was able to follow them causing him to search the outside of Vic’s car for a tracker. Thinking quickly, Vic began to “search” the inside of the car. He played it off as if Vargas planted the tracker in his car. After they couldn’t find his log book, Tommy and Vic both left the scene. As Vic was having flashbacks of the moment he shot and killed Vargas, he’s interrupted by Detective DiFranco knocking at his door. He brings Vic in to the station, where he and his wife Stacy Marks interrogate him. Vic keeps it cool and swears that he doesn’t know what happened to Vargas. He mentions that he got Tommy on tape making a deal with the DSDs, but yet Marks is still moving the goal posts. She angrily reminds him that she’s only doing so because there’s a dead cop on her watch. She orders Vic to write everything that happened the night before down and makes it clear that he better not leave town. Claudia pulled up to Shanti’s gym to let her know about Elise and the Viagra Triangle business. Shanti takes offense to the fact that Claudia struck a deal behind her back. Shanti warns Claudia that she’ll only stay in if they make decisions together and Claudia doesn’t lie to her again. Meanwhile, Vic is contemplating leaving town. He starts to pack a bag before realizing it wasn’t a good option. Tommy then shows up at his spot and tells him that the US Attorney (Marks) rolled up on him. He told Vic that the cops would be pressing them hard and will probably arrest some of their guys to see if they’ll squeal. To take any possible heat off of his own back, Vic brings up Jenard. He tells Tommy that Jenard had a meeting with Claudia. Vic goes on to highlight how Jenard and Claudia are both opportunistic and could have been the ones who pointed the feds in their direction. Mirkovic makes a visit to Claudia and brings up her new venture. He emphasizes that as long as he’s providing her protection, she must cut them in on everything she does. Claudia meets with Shanti again and updates her on the deal her and the Serbs had just made. Shanti tells Claudia that if cutting the Serbs in is the only way to keep the peace, that’s what they need to do. How long will this partnership last? Will Shanti end up being in over her head? Can Claudia be trusted?


JP finds Kate sitting in the dark with a bottle next to her. He asks her where she’s been and tells her that they were worried about her. Kate lets JP know that she was in New York handling some things. In a disappointed voice, JP reminds Kate that she was doing so well staying clean. Kate tells him that losing her grandson took her back to her old ways. Then JP does something that his brother specifically told him not to. He tells Kate that D-Mac is not dead. Kate seems a little energized and asks where D-Mac is. JP told her that he won’t allow her to be in D-Mac’s life is she continues to drink and do drugs. What will Kate do with the information she found out? Will we see D-Mac in one or both of the last two episodes?


After realizing that the feds could’ve possibly bugged him too, Tommy rushes home and makes sure his space is clean. In the midst doing so, Tommy accidentally wakes up Mireya. When she peeps Tommy moving frantically, she asks him what he’s looking for. Tommy tells her that he’s been in relationships where he’s lied to women before and he doesn’t want to do that with her. He continues by warning her to not to ask questions if she really doesn’t want to know the answer. Mireya respects Tommy’s honesty and decides to let it go. Before he leaves back out, Mireya tells Tommy that Ché’s daughter is having a quinceañera the following night. Chavo meets with Miguel at his spot. Miguel mentions how the Serbs are no longer being supplied by Ché and the DSDs should buy from him now. Chavo bursts Miguel’s bubble by letting him know that he already made a deal with Tommy, CBI and the coalition. Miguel was visibly upset when he heard this. At Claudia’s penthouse, one of Mirkovic’s soldiers tells him that Tommy is meeting with the SODs. It became clear to Mirkovic that Tommy was poaching their business. At Ché’s daughter’s party, Miguel expressed to Mireya how everything he does is to protect her. She responded by again telling him that she can handle herself. While they talked, Ché and abuela also had a conversation. Abuela expressed that she would die for her family and not to underestimate Miguel (It was clear to her that Ché didn’t think Miguel could crush the Serbs). She then offered some advice to her grandson. She told Miguel that he needed to get rid of Tommy because he was coming for his spot next. She also told him to watch out for Nuñez (one of his main soldiers). She relayed that she heard that he was upset because Naci moved up before him. She emphasized that if he feels left out, he won’t be loyal to her. When Tommy arrives at the party, Miguel immediately approaches him. Before it can get too heated, Ché walsk over and asks about who he is. Tommy introduces himself and tells Ché about the coalition, thanks him and gives his daughter a present. He continues by telling Ché how him and Miguel came into business. Ché was clearly impressed, but none of the Garcias were, especially Mireya who stormed out of the party. Mireya and Tommy end up arguing outside of the club because it’s all becoming too much for Mireya. She feels like Tommy used her to learn Spanish (and to get close to Ché) and she’s becoming more and more concerned about what will happen to the two of them if Miguel finds out. Mireya tells Tommy that she needs time to think things through and he should leave her alone. When Mireya gets home, she gets a visit from Stacy Marks. The US Attorney warns her that she’s dealing with a dangerous man who she suspects had something to do with the death of a United States federal agent. She dropped a bomb on her by telling her that if Tommy gets arrested, she’ll likely get brought in on a RICO charge also. Before she left, Marks told Mireya to ask Tommy about Lakeisha Grant. How will Miguel attempt to handle Tommy? Is Ché going to make them continue to work together? What’s Mireya’s next move in relation to Tommy? Will she ask about Lakeisha? Are the Serbs an after thought now?


Stacy suggests that they raid CBI as a show of force. After Detective DiFranco agrees, Stacy tells him that she’s going to go ruffle some more feathers. This leads her right to Tommy. She gets right to it and lets Tommy know that she doesn’t take well to people who fake their deaths in New York. She adds that she also knows that he does business with CBI, the Flynns and the Serbs. Lastly, she shares that one of her agents is dead (Vargas) and she knows he has something to do with it. Marks informs Tommy that before Vargas died, he took a picture of him with Mireya. She tries her best to put some fear into Tommy’s heart by saying that if Miguel finds out that he is messing around with Mireya, he’ll take him off the map before she gets the chance. Detective DiFranco ends up finding Vargas’ log book. It showed that Vargas was actually at the meetup spot and Vic was lying. Marks tells Vic that his deal is null and void unless he can implicate Tommy in Vargas’ death. She told Vic to choose between Tommy and himself. Vic folds and says that he seen Tommy kill Vargas. Did Vic just seal his fate? Will Marks’ aggression be her downfall? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!