Here There Be Monsters: ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Here There Be Monsters: ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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Tommy and Diamond expand their coalition by bringing Vic and Jenard into CBI. Mirkovic warns Tommy against encroaching on Serb territory, and makes good on his threat with catastrophic results.


Diamond arrives at Tommy’s crib to deliver the news of Walter’s death. The both of them immediately become excited as they realize the opportunity that has just opened up. Tommy assures Diamond that Vic will come crawling back to him in order to make some sort of deal involving the newly unclaimed territory. Meanwhile, Jenard downward spiral continues. He makes his way to Shanti’s gym and steals a gold necklace from her while he’s there. Diamond goes to Mirkovic with hopes of paying off the debt Jenard owes him. Mirkovic tells him that it’s too late. Mirkovic emphasizes how much the Crimson Projects mean to him and threatens to kill Jenard if he doesn’t get them back. Diamond pulls up on Jenard and we can see that he sold Shanti’s necklace to buy more drugs. A disgusted and hurt Diamond sternly tells Jenard to clean himself up. He asks his younger brother how he’s supposed to convince Tommy to let him back in if he’s out here moving like a junkie. Before they can get too deep into a conversation, Diamond gets a text from Leon that he’s on his way to the gym. After Diamond’s lesson with Leon ends, he has a chat with Shanti. Diamond tells her that Jenard is on drugs. Surprising to him, she tells him that she already knew. The two end up making an agreement. Shanti agrees to help Jenard get cleaned up if it means that Diamond can get him back into CBI. To make the deal even sweeter, Shanti tells Diamond to tell Tommy that if Jenard is back in, they can have her Garfield Park territory also. Diamond is enjoying a conversation with Leon and his mother Gianna when Leon’s father Jamal walks in. He is clearly unhappy about Diamond being there. He snatches the cup that Diamond is drinking out of his hand and begins to berate Gianna once Diamond leaves. When Tommy and Diamond meet, they both express how they want to let Vic and Jenard into CBI. They’re both a bit hesitant but after each of them explain the pros, it was a no brainer. Tommy asks Diamond where Jenard’s head is at and he responds that he’s good. Tommy tells Diamond that if Jenard messes up one more time, he’s dead. After Diamond agrees that that’s fair, he tells Tommy that although he paid off Jenard’s debt with Miguel, Mirkovic wouldn’t aceept his payment. Tommy said that he would take care of him. Before he left, he asked Diamond one more time if there was anything else he needed to tell him about Jenard to which Diamond responded and said no. Shanti pulled up to Jenard’s house and set him straight! She let him know that she knows he stole her necklace. She then slapped him in the face multiple times to show that she meant business. She gave him an ultimatum…her or the drugs. An emotional Jenard reaches in his pocket and hands her the last of the drugs he has left before falling into her arms. Diamond looks on as Jamal harasses and basically bullies Leon before slamming the house door in his face. Diamond catches Jamal on break at his job, where he had just got done doing a couple of lines. After a brief argument, Diamond nearly chokes Jamal to death. He warns him to leave Gianna and Leon alone or next time he will actually kill him. Tommy, Diamond and Jenard meet at the barbershop and make the union official. Jenard apologizes to Tommy and they shakes hands. When Jenard and Diamond dap up, Tommy notices Jenard sniffling and can tell something isn’t right but doesn’t say anything. Jenard reports back to Shanti and lets her know that he’s officially back in CBI. This seems like exactly what she wanted to hear because as soon as she heard it, a flip seemed to switch. She revealed her plan to get close to Tommy and Diamond, help build CBI back up and then take everything from them. How does Shanti plan to make this happen? Will Jenard be down to backstab his brother again? Will Jenard stay clean? Will Tommy find out about what’s going on with Jenard? Will Diamond make a move on Gianna now that Jamal seems to be out of the picture?


The episode begins with Claudia giving an Oscar worthy performance as she identifies Walter’s body at the coroner. When she’s left alone, she tells Walter how this is all his fault and that all she ever wanted was for him to accept her. When Tommy said that Vic would come to him, he was exactly right. When he did, Vic owned up to killing his father. He then asked if the previous offer for him to join CBI was still good. After Vic apologized for his previous mishaps (most notably not leaving when Tommy warned him to) and explained how CBI wouldn’t be able to expand without getting the Northside, Tommy agreed. He told Vic that he’d have to run it by Diamond but he was sure that he’d see the value. Before Vic left, he asked Tommy if he was going to kill Claudia. Tommy responded by saying he was going to make her suffer. Later on, Vic and Claudia met a lawyer say that they could hear Walter’s will. Even in his grave, Walter screwed Claudia over. He left every thing in his name to Vic. This made Claudia extremely upset. She told Vic that Dublin pulled out and expressed how she needed the money much more than he did. Vic dropped a bomb on Claudia when he let her know that he knew she tried to kill him. Because of her actions, Vic chose to cut all ties with his sister. He even rubbed it in her face a little more by telling her that he was now with CBI. When Claudia expressed fear that Tommy would come after her, Vic told her that she had better get ready because she’s on her own. Claudia uses the information Vic told her to her advantage. She goes and tells Mirkovic and requests that he gives her two bodyguards. Claudia’s long time crush Elise comes into town and the two catch up. After hearing how bad things have been going lately, Elise decides that she’s going to take Claudia out to an exclusive private strip club. While at the club, Claudia peeps one of the strippers selling pills to a customer. As the stripper comes over to dance for her, she tells her that she can double whatever she’s making. Elsewhere, Vic shows Tommy around some of their spots. Tommy ends up giving Vic a new phone that only has his number in it. As they discuss their next moves, Vic peeps one of the cops on the task force scoping them from his car. Tommy doesn’t notice because he’s too busy in his phone worrying about why Mireya hasn’t hit him back. When Tommy pulls off, Vic approaches the cop and warns him that he’s going to get him killed by being so close. Realizing her new opportunity within the clubs, Claudia goes to Jenard and tries to recruit him to work with her. Similar to how she turned him down earlier in the season, Jenard flipped the tables on her. He declined and told her that he was getting back with CBI. Something to note is that the whole time they were talking, Shanti was there listening. Claudia and Elise talk about how the Irishmen would never let a woman be in control. Claudia expresses that for the first time ever, she feels free. As her and Elise begin to kiss, the two agree to take things slow. Will Claudia’s club play prove to be lucrative? Can we expect her and Shanti to team up at some point? How long will it be before Tommy decides to go after Claudia?


JP is going through it. He’s sitting in the house in the dark with a bottle when Tommy walks in. He expresses how one of the hardest things he ever had to do was give up D-Mac. He’s conflicted because he promised himself that he would never let him go again. He continues by mentioning that he hasn’t heard from Kate. Tommy tells him to consider not hearing from her a blessing. He shares that he’s not impacted by her disappearing because it happened during his whole childhood. He then reminds JP that he said he wanted in on their family and this is what comes with it. Before he leaves, he explains that they made the best possible choice they could have under the circumstances and to not be so hard on himself. Where the hell is Kate? Will JP be able to live with the decision him and Tommy made?


Tommy accompanies Mireya to the car dealership. As the two flirt and discuss the differences and similarities between a car and a good relationship, Mireya gets a text from Kendall. He alerts her that he was attacked the previous night, causing her to leave abruptly. When Mireya arrives at the hospital and talks to Kendall about what happened, she immediately realizes that it was Miguel who was to blame. Mireya shows up to Miguel’s spot later and he’s nearly dying because he hasn’t had his insulin. The two get into a heated discussion about Miguel’s actions and getting into her business. Mireya expresses how Miguel needs her and she doesn’t need him. She throws his insulin on the table and is about to head out but their grandmother is standing. by watching the whole incident. Their grandmother tries to stop Mireya from leaving and orders her to help Miguel. Mireya tells her grandmother that he’s her monster and she can do it herself. Tommy ends up meeting with Mirkovic and tells him that it’s a bad idea for him to try and make a move against them. Mirkovic expresses how he thinks Tommy is a pirate who doesn’t respect boundaries and that he doesn’t want him on his border. Tommy tells Mirkovic that they’re coming for the North and he dares him to try and stop them. Tommy makes his way to the hospital Mireya works at looking for answers. She tells him about what Miguel did to Kendall. She goes on to tell Tommy that she can’t be responsible for what Miguel does to him if he finds out about them two. He tells her that he’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. The conversation is interrupted when Tommy gets a call that causes him to have to leave immediately. The call had to be about what happened at the Crimson Projects. The Serbs pulled up in three black trucks and let off an all out assault. They shot any and everybody who were standing outside and blew up a couple of buildings in the process. The mass shooting caused casualties and people to suffer severe burn wounds. Some of these people were rushed to Mireya’s hospital. When she seen Big Smurf was one of the victims burned, she immediately asked him if Tommy was there with him. As Tommy arrives and peeps the carnage left behind, he gets a message from Mirkovic basically telling him that things like this would keep happening if they decide to continue making their move up Northside. Mireya rushes to Tommy’s home once she gets off of work. She tells Tommy that she thought that he had died. Tommy promises her that he isn’t going anywhere. After Mireya and Tommy have sex for the first time, Tommy is busy mapping out his next plays when he has an unsuspected visitor. Holly comes to Tommy in a hallucination. She tells him that Mireya is not like her and he should think it through since everything he touches gets destroyed. After Holly tells Tommy that he’s going to hurt Mireya too, he lets her know that he’s different now. She tells him that he can’t have the best of both worlds. He responds by saying that he has to because he thinks he loves Mireya. The episode ends with Tommy sitting at the edge of the bed that Mireya’s sleeping in while he looks at the map of Chicago. How will Tommy be able to have both? When will Miguel find out about this new fling? How will CBI respond to Mirkovic and the Serb’s attack on them?


Stacy Marks laid out the ground rules of the her agreement with Vic. She expressed that she needs to know every single detail about every single thing he’s doing, especially if it includes Tommy. She warned him that if he lies to her, he will go to jail for the rest of his life. Marks then told Vic that she would be his direct line of contact, which caught the rest of the task force off guard. When Marks meets with Vic, he tries to give her intel on Claudia but she’s not in the least bit interested. She asks him what he has on Tommy and if he got his phone number. Vic lies and says no, which causes Marks to remind him of what’s at stake if he doesn’t follow through on his end of the bargain. Back at the mansion, Vic has a drink while he looks at a picture of him and Gloria. He expresses that he although he knows Tommy tried to save them, the only way he can get out of the life is taking Tommy down. Will Marks turn up the heat on Vic? How much information will Tommy actually give Vic? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!