Why Is Actor Kevin James A Viral Meme Sensation? Check Out A Round Up Of Our Favorites

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Why Is Actor Kevin James A Viral Meme Sensation? Check Out A Round Up Of Our Favorites

Source: Maureen Donaldson / Getty

Actor Kevin James, who’s most notable for his roles in “King of Queens” and Paul Blart: Mall Cop, has become social media’s latest meme sensation. The question is what’s the Kevin James meme origin story? Find out and check out a round up of our favorite memes inside.

The latest meme that has social media in a chokehold is a random photo of actor and comedian Kevin James. The photo shows a smirking James dressed in a plaid shirt with his shoulders raised into a shrug. Now, it’s the Internet’s favorite meme. The photo caught so much traction that people started using other photos of the actor to describe their day to day relatable woes.

So where exactly did this meme originate from?

The photo itself is a still of James in character from his beloved ‘90s sitcom “King of Queens.”

According to Know Your Meme, the first usage of the Getty photo was via this tweet by a podcaster sent on September 21st, 2023:

James actually celebrated the 25th anniversary of “King of Queens” by shouting out his co-stars Leah Remini and Jerry Stiller. Social media users have no idea whether this was an intentional push to celebrate the show or if the Internet runs with absolutely anything. We could assume the latter for sure.

Either way, we’re grateful for another set of memes to relate to and share with friends. There’s a Kevin James meme for every occasion.

Check out a round up of our favorite Kevin James memes below:

1. Tanksss


2. We Had Fun, Right?


3. Move Ova


4. Humble


5. Perhaps, Somethin’ Sweet?




7. They Just Keep Getting Better


8. Good Za Goin’ On


9. Please, Grow Up


10. LOL


11. Like? These Have Us CRINE