The Internet Is Going NUTS Over Paul Wall’s Transformation Into Paulden Wallinski

The internet is going NUTS Over Paulden Wallinski

Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images

Paul Wall officially entered his silver fox era with a now-viral video where he appears to have transformed into a seasoned white man named Paulden Wallinski.

Paul Wall is currently trending after going viral with his new look. 👀
— XXL Magazine (@XXL) September 19, 2023

In the clip, he can seen feeling silver foxy in an unexpected development that stirred up hilarious hysteria across social media.

Paul Wall coming out as White
— 🐶WOOF CLITZER🐶 (@ESPNFrankie) September 19, 2023

The “Drive Slow” rapper continues to capitalize off of the momentum of his standout verse on That Mexican OT‘s viral hit single “Johnny Dang.”

One time for Paul Wall
— Forever Trill🇳🇬 🇰🇪 🇧🇸 (@mccauley318) September 20, 2023

Check out the video below:
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TMZ caught up with Wall who opened up about embracing his silver fox era, and more.
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“Honestly, I always had insecurities and hangups about my gray hair as a younger person. Now, I don’t mean to be ageist or any of that but once I hit 40 it just felt like being gray was more age appropriate. So, as soon as I hit 40 I swear all of my hangups and insecurities went out the window.
Now, this is a personal issue I’ve had to deal with my whole life. Once I hit 40, I was like ‘Oh yea, I’m letting them grays show!’ Letting my grays show is something that I’m proud to do–once I hit that 40, I said, ‘OK, I got this age appropriate look goin’ on.’ I’m age appropriate right now.”

With a recent performance at the Houston Texans game and social media buzz,  it’s safe to say Wall’s silver fox era is off to a great start.

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