Justice, Now: Killer Cops Charged With Elijah McClain’s Death To Stand Trial As Jury Selection Begins Today

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Cops who kill people outside of true self-defense stations deserve the stiffest consequences that the law allows.
Elijah McClain lost his life back in 2019 at the hands of a couple of police officers and a couple of paramedics in an incident that should have never ended with his death. He was stopped by a couple of boys in blue named Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt because he “looked suspicious” while wearing a mask. A wrestling match ensued as McClain declared his innocence and paramedics who arrived on the scene thought it prudent to inject him with ketamine to sedate him. Several days later, Elijah McClain was dead.

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News of this unnecessary killing sparked protests all over the United States, and during the 2020 summer of reckoning, McClain’s name was shouted by millions more who were outraged by the police killing of George Floyd.

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According to KDVR, the trial is to determine whether or not Roedema and Rosenblatt are guilty of assault and reckless manslaughter. We’re not sure how any decent human being can decide otherwise, but the jury selection began today and will continue tomorrow to find 12 people who can properly take in all the evidence and render a ruling that will hopefully help Elijah’s family, specifically his mother Sheneen McClain, truly begin the healing process.

Source: Michael Ciaglo / Getty

Currently, Roedema has been suspended without pay, and Rosenblatt, the officer who first made contact with McClain, has already been fired from his post, not for the killing itself, but for mocking the choke hold that was used.