Wonder Awaits: Apple Announces ‘Wonderlust’ Event For The iPhone 15– Here’s What We Can Expect

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Apple CEO Tim Cook – Source: JOSH EDELSON / Getty

Apple has announced its “Wonderlust” iPhone event. Here’s what to expect from its upcoming iPhone 15 reveal!
Nothing reminds you the year is almost finished like Apple announcing its annual iPhone event and on Tuesday, the biggest retailer in the world requested our presence for their forthcoming “Wonderlust”  event on September 12th at 10 am PST.

We know the main reason for the annual event is an update about the latest iPhone, but Apple may have more up its sleeve.
Insiders like Marques Brownlee are reporting that the tech giant has big news to share.

The tech guru has hinted that the new iPhones will do away with the volume switch and replace it with a programmable action button. This will allow users to have an external button on their device for a shortcut of their choosing. Additionally, the new iPhones will reportedly go up to 2TB in storage. Some disappointing rumors as reported by tech blog 9to5Mac and cited on CNN, suggest Apple is going back to the basics on colors with white, black, and grey which allegedly will bid farewell to the fan-favorite color, gold.

We hope you are sitting down for this next rumored update. Apple will be changing the charging port on the new iPhones to USC-B C, reports 9to5Mac. Before you get upset just think about your iPads, MacBooks, PS5s, or other electronics take USB-C so you already have these in your home. Other big rumors suggest we could see a black Apple Watch Ultra.
If we are lucky, Tim Cook will have one more thing for us to see but after announcing the Apple Vision Pro VR headset earlier this year could things get any better? We’ll just have to wait and see in September.