From ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ To Lock-Up: Erica Mena, Bambi Richardson, And Zell Swag Arrested In Atlanta Lounge Fight

Donald Trump warmed up the mugshot camera for Love & Hip-Hop‘s Erica Mena, Bambi Richardson, and Zell Swag, who got arrested in a bar fight Friday night.

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Fulton County Jail had more famous faces this weekend, with three more reality TV stars in custody. Cops arrested Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s Erica and Bambi (Addie Richardson) and Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood alum Zell (Rodney Shaw).
TMZ reports they face charges for obstruction of law enforcement, simple battery, and battery against a police officer. Who’s surprised that Erica has the most serious case for wilding the most?

Idk how anyone can be friends with Erica Mena. She is ALWAYS in somebody else’s something or her own something.
— Wooo! Yall Smokin’ Up In Here! (@RegularBlack_) August 26, 2023

A fashion designer named Kareem Cadet was also arrested at the scene.
Atlanta PD responded to reports of a fight at between security and patrons at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead shortly before midnight. According to the cops, the situation went from bad to worse when they pulled up.
They claim a responding officer tried to calm things down when he arrived. Things escalated with the reality stars, who allegedly “became physically aggressive” towards him. After repeatedly ignoring requests to leave the building, police escorted them out and arrested them.
Check out the shocking videos of Erica Mena, Bambi Richardson, Zell Swag, and Saucy Santana in the lounge brawl after the jump!

Erica Mena, Bambi Richardson, Zell Swag, And Saucy Santana Caught On Camera In Atlanta Lounge Fight

Joi Stokes

TMZ obtained footage from inside Lucca Lounge. By the time the chaotic clip starts, drinks, purses, velvet ropes and furniture are already all over the place. It shows police and security grappling with a woman while dragging her out, kicking and screaming.
A blonde Bambi Richardson seemed to be breaking up another fight by the window with security and another unidentified woman. It looks like Zell runs across a booth to join them in breaking up the action while Usher’s “Nice and Slow” blasts in the background.
It’s hard to make out what’s going on by the window during the worst of the altercation. Based on descriptions of that night and Bambi and Zell trying to break it up, Erica or another friend of theirs is probably squabbling in that booth. Check out the messy melee below.

The Shade Room shared another angle from that night. When the drama popped off, Zell’s boo Saucy Santana took off like the “200 miles on the dash” in Future’s bars. He charged out while the other LHH cast members got active. In the viral rapper’s own words, “Now that’s how you clear (out) a b*tch!”

Police charged all three stars with obstruction of law enforcement. Zell caught a simple battery charge. In addition to those, Erica also received a count of battery against a police officer. They remained in custody on Saturday.
Watch Saucy Santana’s explanation of what really went down and the reactions online after the flip!

Saucy Santana Breaks Down What Really Happened Before Cops Arrested Erica Mena, Bambi Richardson, And Zell Swag: “I Don’t Play That”

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If you didn’t already know, Saucy Santana and Zell Swag are currently coupled up. Despite fleeing the scene once it got active, Santana continued to stand by his man. Like a good Material Gworllllll-friend. Santana took to Instagram Live to set the record straight that Zell was only trying to help.

“Last night, my n*gga was not fighting girls. He got into with the security or the authorities. He was with his homegirls. I was out with him and his friends,” Santana explained.
“Erica was very belligerent. I don’t know, maybe she got too drunk. She was real wild last night. She got into with the security guards. It was like 3 or four securitiy on top of her. So, Zell being a man and those are his girls, he was trying to deescalate the situation.”

Once again, Ms. Mena is the common denominator in some unnecessary drama.

“The people ended up tussling with Zell, and that’s how he ended up going to jail. I got the f*ck out of dodge because I don’t play that! Zell knows I don’t play that,” he continued, adding that he doesn’t play about his name.
“I left that scene. I went and got my n*gga out of jail,” Santana said, panning over to Zell sitting on a balcony. “Zell ain’t allowed to have no mo’ friends. Period!”

I blocked Zell from my phone. He blocked me from his other phone. We writing in the DM tho. That’s my man ❤️
— Material Gworl. (@SaucySantana) August 25, 2023

Of course, social media had plenty to say about everything from Saucy needing to play for the Falcons to Erica hulking out on the cops. Check out some of the reactions below.

Whatever happened I just know Erica Mena and Bambi were wrong.
Saucy Santana running out while Future is blasting on the speakers talking about “200m on dash”Is actually so crazy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
— LH/LBJ (@LH44LBJ23) August 26, 2023

Erica’s ass got Bambi and Zell and herself arrested. Santana zoomed up out of there because he’s the only one that has real shit going for him. I know Sierra is glad she’s not friends with them anymore.
— Will Smith Slapped Me (@AshleyShyMiller) August 26, 2023

Fulton County not playing! 1st Trump, Harrison Floyd, Trevian, now Bambi, Erica Mena & Zell?! They’ve been snatching ppl up left & right…
— Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) August 26, 2023

Santana and Zell??
— AnTHIGHny (@RandomlyAnt) August 26, 2023

The way Saucy Santana stormed out that mfker.. he was not down for county at all last night Lmaoo. They said Bambi, Erica Mena and Zell Swag was arrested last night in Atlanta.
— DC (@BLKStudentNurse) August 26, 2023

Zell & Them Fighting:
— Colombiana🌸 (@KeyColombiana) August 26, 2023