Cardi B Promises To ‘Make An Example’ Of Latest Social Media Troll Fabricating Offset Cheating Rumors

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Cardi B & Offset – Source: Arnold Jerocki / Getty

Cardi B is fed up with people using Offset’s past ways to troll her, and she’s promising to “make an example” out of the latest person to fabricate cheating claims. “You’re going to be getting sued,” said the star.
As well-documented with her legal war with Tasha K, Cardi B is serious about clapping back at false allegations and a X, formerly known as Twitter, user is learning that the hard way. On Sunday, X User @ayywalker woke up and chose violence by sharing an alleged voice note of Offset trying to arrange a sneaky link with an unknown woman. The Nicki Minaj stan page also shared an alleged picture of ‘Set in the act.

Once these claims hit the desk of Cardi B, however, she quickly debunked the claims and defended her faithful king.
According to HipHopDX, Belcalis pointed out differences in the man’s weight and noted that the person’s hair did not have Offset’s signature gold-dyed tips. She then shared a voice note saying that her family is taking legal action.

“So you guys are going to receive a letter from his lawyer,” she stated in a since-deleted voice note on X. “Because all these little games that you guys want to play online — it’s going to be over with.”

She continued,

“You’re going to be getting sued, and we’re going to make an example out of you. Yeah, and that was a terrible A.I. voice, by the way. So yeah [kisses microphone] bye!”

When @ayywalker returned to social media the following day they revealed their initial tweet had received a copyright strike. When any of your social media content is hit with a strike you have to reveal your real name and personal information to have the claim lifted thus ending the illusion of trolling behind a fake picture.

“Cardi just copyrighted my tweet,” @ayywalker replied a day after sharing the initial post. “Btch you mad at me when you need to be mad at the ngga that’s CHEATING ON YOU!!”

Cheating rumors and allegations have been an ongoing theme amongst Cardi’s detractors, but Cardi’s clearly ready to get her lick back. After seeing the fate Tasha K suffered, perhaps trolls should just leave Offset and Bardi alone.