Soulja Boy’s Album Pulled From Streaming Services Due to a Producer’s Copyright Claim

If you are looking for Soulja Boy’s Soulja Season album, you may not be able to find it. According to Soulja Boy, the album was pulled from streaming services due to a copyright claim over a beat.

“My album ‘Soulja Season’ was taken offf DSPs because of a copyright claim from a producer I purchased the beat from 100% this is the third time this happened,” Soulja Boy wrote. “First ‘Biggest Opp’ then ‘BigDraco3.’ This may be my last time working with producers. They messing it for all producers!”

Soulja Boy wants his fans to know he is not a member of the Illuminati and has all love for God. “When I first got in the rap game, a lot of people was like ‘Soulja Boy joined the illuminati. That’s how he got his money, that’s how he got rich.’ All you gotta do is believe in God and stay down. Nothing can f-ck with you.”


He added, “When you really believe in God, you gon’ go through s–t. You gon’ see the media lying on you, you gon’ see n–gas you don’t know beefing with you out of nowhere, hating on you. You go through more s–t when you f—in’ with God.”