Guard Sues Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty For $742K After Alleged Backstage Beatdown: ‘I Have 5 Plates In My Jaw’

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty are heading back to court for allegedly assaulting Thomas Weidenmuller, a security guard suing for $742,000 after multiple jaw surgeries.

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He wants the court to approve $500k for pain and suffering in addition to $221k for emotional distress and surgery expenses (amongst other costs).
“I now have five plates in my jaw, and my jaw has not yet been fully reconstructed,” Thomas shared.
According to Radar Online, Thomas claimed he worked as a security guard the night of Nicki Minaj’s German concert in March 2019. During the “Barbie World” singer’s performance, a fan rushed the stage. Nicki reportedly was so upset she allegedly berated a female security staff member.

Thomas stated he saw the 40-year-old entertainer yelling at his co-worker. He also said Nicki filmed the female security officer while questioning her about the mistake.

“At first, Weidenmüller advised both of the other two security personnel that they should silently listen to Minaj’s complaints, even if she was screaming obscenities and falsely accusing them of endangering her,” the lawsuit reads.

Thomas claims that he attempted to intervene before his colleague was brought to tears. Subsequently, he and Nicki dove headfirst into a heated argument that ended with the Barb throwing her shoe at him.
Read more about the alleged assault by Kenneth Petty that led to Thomas’ jaw reconstruction surgeries after the flip.

Thomas Weidenmuller Says He Was Unable To Work After Kenneth Petty’s “Ferocious Attack” Broke His Jaw

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The suit says Thomas subsequently shared what happened with her husband, Kenneth, and they parted ways.
He stated he later crossed paths with the couple and two security guards. He claimed Kenneth beat the brakes off of him as the others looked on.

Thomas says Nicki, “screamed obscenities at me, Petty repositioned himself out of my eyesight and without warning struck me in the face, which stunned and disoriented me. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, I am not sure as to whether Petty hit me with his fist or with a weapon”.
“Due to the severity of my injuries caused by Petty, I immediately sought medical treatment from the medics present at the venue, who told me that I needed medical care that could only be provided at a hospital,” Thomas stated.

The security guard’s injuries were so serious that he had to undergo seven jaw surgeries.

“The pain I felt in the moment was far more extreme than any pain I had ever experienced in my life, or have felt since that day. I felt a blinding pain in my head, neck, and face. I could tell in that instant that something was seriously wrong with my jaw.”

“The doctors must still insert implants into my jaw as a part of the reconstruction process. In the interim, the doctors have inserted donor bones from a deceased person into my mouth in order to preserve space for future implants.”

Thomas says he could not continue to work “following the attack due to the injuries sustained as a result of Petty’s senseless and ferocious assault.”
He says Nicki and Kenneth immediately fled the scene after the alleged assault and his li.
The couple has yet to respond as Thomas continues to wait on a ruling from the court.