Jaylan Banks Walks Back Falynn Pina ‘Grooming’ Comments As His Ex Messily Mocks The Situation—‘The Boy’s A Liar’

An MTV Couples Retreat star is taking back a comment he made about his former fianceé “grooming him.” Instead, he says his ex who apparently finds the situation funny enough to put on a T-shirt, is “manipulative” with questionable character.

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As previously reported Jaylan Banks made headlines last week when he appeared on the Relationships Matter podcast and opened up about his breakup with Falynn Pina.
At the time Banks said that Pina who is nine years older than him, “groomed” him and is a narcissist who manipulated him into believing lies about her ex.

“I was groomed,” Banks said about how their relationship started. “She made it seem as if he [her ex-husband Simon Gubobadia] was doing her wrong, and then come to find out I’m on the other side now so that’s [a] narcissist.

She groomed me—would tell me he’s doing this to me and I felt sad for her and being a friend. That’s what narcissists do, they groom you,” he added. “Make the other person look bad so when you do something you won’t feel bad about it because you feel as if they were treating that person wrong.”

Now he’s correcting himself and noting that the grooming term was a mistake. According to the man who worked as Pina’s assistant before their relationship, the correct term that describes her is manipulative.

“My choice of words was a mistake and I want tot set the record straight,” wrote Banks. “In that interview I intended to describe Falynn Pina’s behavior as manipulative, not as “grooming.” I recognized the gravity and sensitivity surrounding the term “grooming” and I want to make it clear that is bow what i meant. My intention was to highlight the MANIPULATIVE aspects of our relationship, which caused distress.”

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He continued,

“Since the interview, I’ve noticed that Falynn has attempted to turn the situation into a joke to further her own gain. This behavior raises concerns about her character and her apparent insensitivity toward the seriousness of the matter at hand. It’s unfortunate that she has chosen this path rather than addressing the real issues that were discussed during the interview.”

He went on to double down on calling Pina manipulative because it “affected individuals on a personal level.”

If you’re curious as to what Banks meant about his ex making light of the situation, Falynn Pina recently posed for pics clearly calling out the grooming accusations.

Hit the flip.

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Over the weekend the reality star shared Instagram photos of herself wearing a purple t-shirt that read “The Groomer.” She also set the post to Ice Spice and PinkPantheress’ track “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” to send a shot at Banks.

Despite the mom of four apparently finding the entire thing humorous, people in her comments called her out for the post.

“Uhhhhhh this weird as hell!!!” wrote one follower. “U are gaslighting that man for expressing how he felt! This kinda proves his point.”
“Creating a t-shirt with, “groomer” is not a good look. I’d rather you do an interview and tell your side than this,” added another.

What do YOU think about Falynn Pina laughing off Jaylan Banks’ groomer allegations?