Let Me Dub You: Mario Doubles Down On Writing A Tory Lanez Support Letter After Internet Drags The 2-Hit Blunder

When Mario became the latest celeb exposed for writing a support letter for Tory Lanez, disappointed fans dragged the R&B bromance and then snatched back Mario’s Verzuz victory faster than New New’s chain.

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As previously reported social media users already blasted Iggy Azalea back to Australia for defending Tory’s character in a letter to his judge and on Thursday, courtroom journalist Meghann Cuniff revealed R&B singer Mario also requested leniency for Megan Thee Stallion’s convicted shooter. Numerous people questioned how Mario was Stevie Wonder to the bullets and alleged beatings of other celebs before Tory’s 10-year sentencing.

TAKE BACK HIS VERZUZ WIN! THIS NIGGA AINT SHIT AND I THOUGHT HE WAS! and dont give it to Omarion or Ray J just yet bc we need to see if they submit a letter for this gremlin too 😑 https://t.co/LjqUBrBp5v pic.twitter.com/ktwJt63VLv
— damn, my man already here!! ⁷ 💃🏾 (@SuGoi_HARUMA) August 10, 2023

ion know who these people think they’re fooling when there are videos of tory arguing and fighting people. We’ve seen his temper with our own eyes.
— Yesenia Moore 🇵🇷 (@buttericanpecan) August 10, 2023

Mario’s Letter To The Judge In Support Of Tory Lanez

R & B singer Mario also wrote a letter to the judge ahead of Tory Lanez being sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.
“I have never seen Tory act out of character in a manner to hurt someone.”– Mario Barrett pic.twitter.com/tvX7Oe0CRe
— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) August 10, 2023

“Tory is the type of person who doesn’t look for handouts or cheat codes,” Mario explained per Cuniff, while requesting leniency for the repeat offender.
“He works harder than almost anyone I know in this business. I watched Tory struggle as an independent artist against a system that tried to oppress him because of his hard work and drive,” Mario reportedly wrote July 23, 2023.

Twitter users pointed out that Tory’s team seemingly worked overtime to successfully turn the industry and public against Megan Thee Stallion, a Black woman facing racism, sexism, and a campaign of harassment from her attacker. Much of Tory’s fanbase seemed to grow after he shot Megan and publicly trolled her about it.

Y’all have to understand ppl have their own agendas. Iggy hasn’t been hot musically and neither has Mario. Tory used hasbeens for his own personal gain and I’m assuming they were trying to use him as well to revive their careers https://t.co/kDC8Pr1SQC
— Lex (@lEX_RATED3) August 11, 2023

Mario. After the shooting, he tweeted support towards meg. Then he does a song with t*ry last yr. He doubles down on femmeitforward’s LIVE but replaces him with other ppl. And he writes a letter of support to the judge. His is 1 of 76 letters pic.twitter.com/Lao70kIVnI
— hold on (@snclre) August 10, 2023

Despite that, in the letter, Mario continued painting Tory as a family man whose “child was changing him as a man” despite multiple assault allegations against him.
He claimed,

“The situation at hand comes as a surprise to so many of us who know Tory personally. I have never seen Tory act out of character in a manner to hurt someone.”

it’s Mario being there the night Tory assaulted August Alsina then going on to paint Tory as an individual incapable of harm. you are not talking to a job recruiter. this is prison omg. 😭
— AJ (@callherlisa) August 10, 2023

Fans speculate that Mario was even present the night Tory sucker-punched August Alsina over a handshake while the three toured together. The tiny tool-toting terror was kicked off the Fall Back In Love line-up due to what August called “an assault.”

Mario was literally on tour with Tory Lanez when he got kicked off for assaulting August Alsina https://t.co/jXflxRufTr pic.twitter.com/fLjS8CaQhg
— Taz (@RunItUpHotties) August 10, 2023

“We’ve spoken on the phone many times and prayed with each other. All I can ask and pray for is that he and his son are treated fairly,” Mario’s letter concluded.

“We prayed together.” Maybe yal should’ve sought therapy together instead bc that didn’t stop neither one of you from harming women idk https://t.co/MKe7oF4Hw5
— Leia from the Himalayas (@Creolelady89) August 11, 2023

“all i can ask and pray for is that he and his son are treated fairly.”
that child wasn’t drunk &recklessly shooting a gun in the middle of the night. and a decade away from the violent leprechaun who was is the best thing for him.
— 𝖒𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖙𝖊 𝖊𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖊 (@kngdmhallnoates) August 11, 2023

The letter continued to stir controversy, leading fans to clap back on social media.
Check out the backlash over Mario supporting Tory Lanez after the flip.

Social Media Reacts To Mario Backing Tory Lanez In Court

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Following Mario’s Verzuz victory, his star seemingly secured the comeback bag with anticipation for new music. Now, the internet is sounding off about Mario caping for his “The Cry” collaborator Tory Lanez.

I can’t believe Mario wrote a letter for Tory Lanez… sir how could you .. pic.twitter.com/8tOytqYe96
— . (@JoVoiceofreason) August 10, 2023

How y’all mad at artists for supporting Tory Lanez and not Meg. Y’all grow the fuc up and allow people to stand with who they choose to stand with. Drake, Iggy, Stefflon Don, Mario, etc owes none of y’all no explanation. And FYI y’all ain’t canceling 💩 pic.twitter.com/SAVm160I9E
— TamiCruzan (@TamiCruzanGal) August 11, 2023

Multiple Mario fans didn’t know he and Tory reunited for “Main One,” which dropped (and “flopped”) after the shooting in 2022.

Verzuz was soo good for Mario’s brand and brought him back to relevance for a lot of folks esp Black women then he just turned around and threw it all away…for Tory Lanez?!?! Insanity https://t.co/QQpmeZKlKn
— BG (@Brittany_Geneva) August 10, 2023

Mario choosing to de-heartthrob himself behind that man who harmed Meg is… a choice.
A terrible, no good, very bad choice. pic.twitter.com/FqouTEE1Bj
— Millennial Golden Girl 💜 (@BrilliantBlkGrl) August 10, 2023

Lock Mario up too for dickriding.
You’ve never seen him hurt anyone? Are you his bodyguard that’s with him 24/7? How many times have they even been in the same room together? 😂😂😂 this meat munching is insane
— フリさま (FOOLY URAMESHI) 🤙🏽 (@ChrissaSJE) August 10, 2023

I really hate what these fake ass music industry people are doing to Meg. She was shot & these people are rallying behind her abuser all because she didn’t allow him to intimidate her into silence. But this is “the culture” for ya. A club of enabling & supporting abusers!
— Bella Goth ☀️ (@WickedNFine) August 11, 2023

He’s literally a violent little man that’s even fought people in the crowd at his concerts. This is sick! https://t.co/pNdzTD1bXy
— Ken. (@OmgKenActually) August 10, 2023

“I have never seen Tory act ouf of character in a manner to hurt someone” didn’t Leprechaun attack August and bully Meghan, but also Kelsey the snake? Mario deserves a prison sentence for lying to the judge just for that little boy
— Noda Girl (@BravoRelated) August 10, 2023

Not surprised that a man that loves R Kelly would be the same man to defend a man who shot a Blk woman
— Lil’Salley Punchanella Walker (@o0oTrinaBinao0o) August 10, 2023

Others pointed out that Mario preached “#ProtectBlackWomen” in response to the shooting but still went on to work with Lanez.

This @theestallion & @torylanez situation got me in awe. Sad AF? Knowing Tory personally this shit crazy to me. Black men we gotta learn how to control our ego, anger etc. at some point the switch gotta turn off! Protect black women! Heal black men. Love & respect each other!
— Mario (@OHYESMARIO) August 22, 2020

People are also recirculating an old clip of Mario speaking on the compact Canadian which is adding more fuel to the fire.
See Mario’s response to backlash online after the flip.

Mario Previously Doubled Down On Working With Tory Lanez

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

As the internet roasted the singer for writing a letter for Tory Lanez, footage resurfaced of Mario speaking on working with Lanez. In it, he asked critics to separate the art from the artist.

“As an independent artist doing his thing, it’s a lot of artists who don’t work as hard as he do. Regardless of whatever, the music is what it is. You still listen to music regardless of what’s going on in the world,” he said.

The replies to clip posted this week on TheNeighborhoodTalk sounded off, with many on Mario and Tory’s side.

“YALL MAD BC TORY GOT SUPPORT. Cry a river… FREE TORY,” one reply said.
“So this man can’t have a mind of his own and support Tory if he chooses,” someone added.
“Everyone has the right to rock with who they want to rock with. Doesn’t make Mario a bad person. He didn’t witness the incident, none of us did. So he can support Tory, don’t mean he hate black women. It don’t mean he support domestic violence. Y’all be reaching,” another added.

Others called out the hypocrisy of downplaying Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting and defending her shooter.

“What I don’t understand is —- when a white police office[r] shoots an unarmed black person. We want Justice for our brother or sister. Correct? Tory shot an unarmed Megan Thee Stallion and if you don’t see the “wrong” in that, something is clearly off about you. Idc about her being drunk or whatever —- she didn’t deserve to be shot under any circumstance. Case closed!” one critic chimed in.
“He could’ve been writing letters on behalf actual innocent black men,” someone notes.
“The way Tory is getting more public support especially from celebrities more then meg just goes to show how twisted Hollywood is. They don’t care what you do they gon defend it,” another commenter wrote.

Like was it worth it? Song got paid dust and he stopped all his motion from his target audience he had regained after the verses- bad business move buddy https://t.co/7JOayYnQK6
— Tittygate 2023 (@jiggyjayy2) August 9, 2023

Do you think Mario deserves backlash supporting for Tory Lanez?