Don’t Be A Menace: Marlon Wayans Says Social Media ‘Misinterpreted’ His Entire Post On The Montgomery Brawl–‘Nobody Knows Irony Anymore’

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Apparently, Black people have misunderstood and misjudged actor and comedian Marlon Wayans and his headass response to the Black-on-MAGA smackdown at the Riverfront Park dock in Montgomery, Alabama.

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

While Black Twitter erupted into a virtual cookout where we all got our fill of hilarious memes, commentaries, video remixes, and alternative names for the 16-year-old who swam to join the Caucasian crackdown on the dock, Wayans posted his thoughts on the brawl to Instagram, where he wrote, “How ‘bout we NOT ‘try that in a small town’…. S**t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war.”

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Now, at first glance, Wayans’ post, which referenced Jason Aldean’s happy-go-lynching country carol, appeared to be throwing shade at the Black people who came to the rescue of the Black man being jumped by sunburned melanin-nots who probably thought being tossed into the river counted as a bath. Wayans appeared to be trying to interrupt Black people’s celebration of this iconic moment in contemporary Black history with some “Kumbaya” nonsense meant to lecture the Blacks on being so mean to the whites. Many of us were very disappointed in the Don’t Be a Menace actor. I mean, if it were Terry Crews, we all would’ve expected it—but Marlon? Don’t do this, bro.

Well, apparently, everyone had him allllll wrong. (Allegedly) According to the comedian he was being sarcastic.

“Why would I criticize black people for defending themselves? I’m black,” said a clearly perturbed Wayans while noting that nobody knows irony anymore” since he was simply addressing the irony of the song.

He also added that social media is up for interpretation.

Yes, Marlon, “social media is up for interpretation.”
For example, when you post about the brawl shortly after it happened with an ambiguous-at-best caption over video footage that only shows Black people attacking white people, one might misinterpret your message as a denouncing of Black-on-white violence that, again, would have Terry Crews’ pecks vigorously jumping up and down in approval. 
I’m just saying it’s not our fault nobody knew WTF you were talking about and assumed you were dipping your big toe into the sunken place.
Maybe proofread your posts before hitting “send” next time.