Lizzo’s Name Makes It Back Into Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’ Remix As Former Backup Dancers Address Her Response To The Lawsuit

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Things might be looking up for Lizzo–at least, if you take Beyoncé’s word for it.

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The “CUFF IT” songstress name-dropped Lizzo on Saturday night during her show in Washington D.C., where part of the setlist included the remix to “Break My Soul,” featuring a list of women’s names Beyoncé views as trailblazers.
In the lyrics throughout the tour, Lizzo shows up in the song as one of those women, but she was seemingly removed from the lineup last week, causing quite the commotion. Now, however, Beyoncé is back to saying Lizzo’s name.

Clips all over social media show Beyoncé pause instead of saying Erykah Badu’s name, but she still gives the “Special” singer a shoutout. When she left out Lizzo’s name a few shows back, many fans perceived it as a shot in the wake of her workplace lawsuit drama, but now, there’s no telling.

As Lizzo’s name makes it back into Bey’s show, the three dancers who have filed a lawsuit against her have addressed her response to their allegations.

“I think for me; it’s just very interesting to be so open and genuine about the trauma that we experienced and to be open about the hurt that she caused us, for her to [respond back by] essentially gaslighting us,” one of Lizzo’s former backup dancers Crystal Williams said in an interview with ET.
“She never acknowledged any of the claims [directly] that we have brought forward to the table. And so for it to be met with that, it just kind of solidifies the pattern that every time we bring up an issue, every time we advocate for ourselves, every time we speak up for ourselves, we’re met with retaliation instead of ‘OK, you experienced this,” She continued. “As an artist and what I represent, I don’t want you to feel like I don’t care about you. I don’t want you to feel like I don’t want to include you. I don’t want you to feel like I’m body-shaming you. If this is what you’re feeling, I might completely disagree with you but, I can at least try to hear you out to see how we can go moving forward.’”
“But we weren’t met with that,” Williams concluded. “We were constantly being gaslit, and she’s constantly deflecting. So it just further proves our point and solidifies the claims that we’re making.”

In the statement she posted to Instagram last week, Lizzo called the allegations of workplace harassment “outrageous” and “sensationalized.”