Far From Finished: Kandi Releases #RHOA Receipts To Confirm Drew & LaToya’s Prehistoric Peck—‘Don’t Call Me A Liar’

A Real Housewife of Atlanta is fed up with being accused of lying about something from two seasons ago and she’s releasing receipts.

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Kandi Burruss posted a video Sunday of LaToya Howard confirming that she kissed Drew Sidora after Drew vehemently denied smooching her at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

It’s not beef, just new beginnings and the truth #RHOA @latoyaforever pic.twitter.com/FKhU24Yrez
— DREW SIDORA (@DREWSIDORA) August 7, 2023

As previously reported, rumors about the prehistoric 2020 peck have resurfaced after it was brought up during a cast trip in Portugal. Drew shut down the kissing allegations and clashed with Marlo Hampton for not only filming her vehement denial but sending it to LaToya.
Now on Sunday’s episode Drew claimed that Kandi might have “fantasized” in her head about witnessing the kiss, something that left the Xscape singer flabbergasted.

#vindicated #RHOA
— DREW SIDORA (@DREWSIDORA) August 7, 2023

According to Drew who will play a lead role in a steamy film via Kandi and her hubby Todd, Kandi might have “produced” and made up the scenario because Drew will have lesbian sex scenes in the movie.

“When you speak the narrative goes far Kandi Burruss,” said Drew. “I feel like you’re a real, genuine person,” she added. “I think she was fantasizing.”
“I could see why Kandi would want to fantasize about me and LaToya,” noted Drew in a confessional. “We’re hot girls!”

Ultimately the conversation went absolutely nowhere and Kandi said that they would have to agree to disagree.

Meanwhile on Twitter, LaToya was questioning her “Aquarius sister” Marlo Hampton for apparently blocking her over the kissing denial.

Marlo call me! You accidentally unfollowed me.
— LATOYA FOREVER (@latoyaforever) August 6, 2023

Marlo my iMessages are turning green. Did you get an android or something? 😂
— LATOYA FOREVER (@latoyaforever) August 6, 2023

Marlo, who also said she saw the smooch, then released receipts of Toya texting her and seemingly admitting that it was true.

No boo I’m right here, watch until the end … #rhoa 😘 https://t.co/7400XViG7a pic.twitter.com/Dw2ZnHPobn
— Marlo Hampton (@iheartMarlo) August 7, 2023

Thank you for adding another 15. Can I kiss you tooo? 😜 https://t.co/7HflrYScg6
— LATOYA FOREVER (@latoyaforever) August 7, 2023

While all of this is an outdated storyline mess, Kandi wanted to make it clear that she’s telling the truth.

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Hit the flip for her #RHOA receipts.

Despite LaToya’s most recent denial, Kandi pulled up a clip from her Speak On It podcast of the friend of the show admitting that she kissed Drew.

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“It was a kiss that happened with you and Drew,” said Kandi.
“That she denied,” said LaToya. “We had a moment, okay? At the private bachelorette party that we thought wasn’t being filmed at all. You saw the kiss…”
“I did,” confirmed Kandi. “I did, I did.”
“She’s completely denying that she kissed me,” said LaToya. “Why can’t you kiss a girl, what’s the problem with that?”

This video was filmed back during Season 13 on #SpeakOnIt. And other people said it as well. So let’s stop the Kandi is lying on me narrative. #RHOA pic.twitter.com/ZlFzeuHd3V
— Kandi Burruss (@Kandi) August 7, 2023

Exactly… I was fine without confirming the story. Just don’t call me a liar & don’t say I’m making up stuff on you. That’s when we have to start pulling receipts & witnesses. 🤣 #RHOA https://t.co/X2eat6BkVk
— Kandi Burruss (@Kandi) August 7, 2023

Despite that, in the #RHOA After Show, producers played a clip of LaToya denying the kiss and Kandi backing down over it.

“You think I had time to make out with any b***?” said LaToya.
“If I misjudged the moment, I accept that and I’m wrong,” said Kandi. “I’m sorry.”

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Now we’re confused as to what we believe.
What do YOU think about the resurfaced #RHOA rumor???