Tristan Thompson To Pay Maralee Nichols $9,500 A Month In Child Support, Trainer Reportedly Requested $47K In Cheater Checks

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Tristan Thompson will be dishing out nearly $10K monthly to the personal trainer he had a child with—but the hefty amount reportedly pales in comparison to an initial request.

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New court documents obtained by TMZ show that Thompon, 31, has been ordered to pay Maralee Nichols, 31, $9,500 a month in child support for their 1-year-old son Theo. He also reportedly paid some of the attorney fees for the woman who’ll have sole custody of their child.

TMZ adds that the agreement is to be filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court and the amount is because Thompson isn’t currently on a team and therefore not earning income.
And while nearly $10K monthly seems high, it’s actually MUCH lower than the whopping $47,000 a month in support Nichols allegedly requested from the lothario.
Maralee Nichols Filed Court Docs Requesting $47,424 A Month In Child Support
Back in March, US Weekly reported that Nichols filed papers requesting the amount while also requesting that Thompson pay her attorney fees which “exceeded $1 million.”

“With regard to child support, using Tristan’s income of $9.7 million alone and Maralee’s income of $0, Maralee at this time requests guideline monthly child support of $47,424,” court documents read. The filing estimated Thompson’s monthly income to be at least $810,075.
Nichols, for her part, claimed that her expenses are $22,263 per month, adding, “Theo and I are living at a far depressed standard of living than Tristan.”

As previously reported the docs allegedly said that Nichols was living in an apartment with a roommate, while Thompson allegedly has not paid her any money yet and continues to live a “lavish celebrity lifestyle.”
To drive her point home, the new mom pointed to Jordan Craig, who shares a 5-year-old son, Prince, with Tristan.

She alleged in the papers that the model “is reportedly receiving at least $40,000 a month in child support from Tristan [and] leads a similarly high lifestyle, including living in a $3 million mansion in Los Angeles, driving multiple luxury vehicles, taking extravagant vacations and dressing her son in designer clothes at a young age,” reported US Weekly.

Thompson and Nichols’ son was conceived in Houston, Texas, during Thompson’s 30th birthday celebrations in March 2021 when he was still dating Khloé Kardashian, 38, with whom he shares a four-year-old daughter True, and now a son, whose name is yet to be revealed.

It was revealed on the Kardashians that Khloé threw Thompson a birthday party right before he flew out to TX and impregnated the woman who maintains that Thomspon said he was single at the time and later “offered her $75K to keep quiet” about the baby.

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