Skilp, Skilp, Skilp! Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Tom Brady Bootlicker Skip Bayless For Taking Personal Shots During Debate

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Skip Bayless is a hater of the highest order and anyone who has heard his voice for more than five minutes understands this. If you’re keeping score at home, you can mark one down in the column of near a**-whoopings that he almost caught because Lord have mercy heavenly Father…
Shannon Sharpe is currently being praised ad nauseam on social media and beyond for the restraint that he showed yesterday on FS1’s Undisputed in the face of Bayless’ infamous vitriol. During a segment where Sharpe, a Hall of Fame tight end, All-Pro, and multiple Super Bowl winner, was ripping Tom Brady and the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers a news #2 hole, Bayless, a devout Tom Brady sack tickler, got way out of pocket.

Jalen Rose did indeed put Skip in his place a few years ago…

…as did Richard Sherman…

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Skip Bayless has no problem disrespecting his Black peers. Hell, even earlier this year he took to his podcast to air out his former co-host and “brother” Stephen A. Smith over some childish nonsense. Violence might not be the answer but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining and one day someone is going to provide some of the most satisfying fun that we’ve ever had.
Can’t. Wait.