Kansas High School Investigates White Students For Threatening Black Basketball Players With Lynching, Racist Slurs, And Locker Room Raid

While Karens across the country whine that their white children are too fragile to learn real history, Black students face lynch mobs at school.

A high school basketball game erupted in violent racism when white Valley Center students used Jim Crow tactics against Black Topeka High School players. The Kansas City Defender reports that the two schools are investigating reports of racist slurs, lynching threats, and an attempted locker room attack.

Video of the Valley Center students’ taunts and props already went viral. From the pros to little league, a bit of trash talk comes with the territory at sporting events. However, this went above and beyond what anyone should have to endure, especially Black children.
Where were KKKaren and the other parents? According to a witness, they joined in on the racist harassment.

“First, their student section called one of our students the N word. Our player reacted and then they started chants calling him a p*ssy. Their parents were also calling our students and our parents racial slurs. Their student section was passing and waving around a Black baby doll,” said student witness Jo’Mhara Benning.

Topeka High School boys basketball coach Geo Lyons said he’s never seen such a horrifying display of blatant racism. Despite hundreds of witnesses in person and thousands more online, he said Valley Center refused to intervene during and immediately after the game.

“They said they were going to hang our students. They had students out in the parking lot doing donuts in the parking lot saying they would hang our players,” Lyons told The Defender.
“Nobody from Valley Center has reached out to me. I haven’t heard one word from the principal, the superintendent, the coach, the athletic director, no one. I don’t even want an apology at this point.”

The incident lasted for several minutes during the game and nearly escalated to mob violence. The racist students tried to attack the Black players in their locker room.

“By the time the game ended it got so bad that their student section tried to raid our locker room. They came running at us, it was definitely very scary, they were trying to attack us,” Benning said.

Lyons launched a Change.org petition to remove Valley Center High School Fans from sporting events. With over 11,000 signatures, the campaign almost reached its goal of 15,000 supporters.

“Valley Center admin and staff did not address any of these actions while play was taking place although they were very aware,” he wrote in the campaign.

Valley Center officials issued an apology on Monday for their students’ “inappropriate language and behavior.” However, the school district issued a statement that they couldn’t find evidence that was specifically racist. It also claimed that Valley Center staff immediately removed students yelling obscenities.

It’s fascinating that multiple Black victims’ word doesn’t count as evidence. The school district even explained away the Black baby doll students were waving. Students received the dolls from school as part of a Human Growth and Development class. How convenient that they can do their homework and harass their Black peers at the same time!

“Based on a review of videos, the baby was passed around between students during the game,” the district said.
“While the ‘baby’ was not brought intentionally as a prop to taunt or threaten Topeka High School, without context, seeing the ‘baby’ and images of the ‘baby’ caused hurt and concern to many, and for that, we are very sorry.”

It’s time to get real history books and lessons in these schools. If these kids aren’t too sensitive for Bull Connor cosplay, they can handle the truth about this nation’s history.