Shanquella Robinson: ‘Political Issues’ Obstructing Unnamed Suspect’s Extradition, Community Rally In Charlotte Saturday

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Shanquella Robinson still hasn’t gotten the justice that she and her family deserve, and it looks like the process has hit yet another roadblock…
According to the NYPost, there are some “political issues” that need to be resolved in order for Shanquella’s alleged killer to face charges. Back in 1978, the United States and Mexico agreed to an extradition treaty that would allow for criminals from either country to be apprehended and sent to wherever their crimes were committed. In order for that to happen, several entities need to sign off on the extradition including the U.S. State Department and the Justice Department. Also, Interpol must be notified via “red notice” that a person has been charged with a crime. At this time, none of that has been put into motion.

The thing is, the treaty was supposed to eliminate all the red tape. The idea is that both countries trust one another and if either says that a citizen is allegedly responsible for a violation, then both parties will abide by the request for extradition.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice Professor Dmitriy Shakhnevich says:

“But again, the whole purpose of the treaty is so one country doesn’t really question the other, right,” Shakhnevich explained. “The treaty means that we are understanding of each other’s legal processes such that if we come to a decision, then that decision must be abided by.”

Meanwhile, according to WCNC, there is a rally scheduled for Saturday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina where public speakers will likely take the U.S. and Mexican governments to task for their ineptitude. Shanquella’s sister Quilla Long is definitely among those who aren’t biting their tongue.

“Everybody being arrested and doing time there,” Quilla Long, Robinson’s sister, said Wednesday. “That’ll be justice for us.”

We sure hope that justice isn’t far away. Those “friends” all know something and at this point, they are all complicit.