#RHOP: Mia Tried To Blast Karen For ‘Straddling The Fence’ After Her Wendy Splash Clash–But The Grande Dame Did THIS

A Real Housewife of Potomac was in for a REAL wake-up call when she thought she could make the Grande Dame feel bad for being “disloyal.” Instead, she got an earful from the #RHOP OG who said that the “Queen does not ask for permission.”

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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOP, viewers saw the aftermath of Dr. Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton’s martini tossing splash clash, and it’s clear that some people picked sides.

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As previously reported the “Green Eyed Bandits” Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant were very much so on Mia’s side despite Wendy and Candiace Dillard calling them hypocrites for condoning Mia’s violence after already bashing Monique Samuels’ behavior in season 5.
Their support of Mia continued throughout the episode and Robyn even admitted to the cameras a portion of the reason why she’s #TeamMia.

“Candiace is trying to compare what happened last night to what happened two years ago, there are no comparison here,” said Robyn. “Mia was wrong for throwing a glass, Wendy was wrong for escalating the fight.”

“But you are more on Mia’s side,” countered a #RHOP producer.

“Because I don’t like Wendy!” confessed the reality star who recently tried to explain calling the Johns Hopkins professor “antagonistic.”

As for the other full-time housewives present at the dinner, Ashley Darby and Karen Huger, they seemed to be the more neutral parties amid the melee.
Unfortunately for Karen, Mia spun things on her and accused her of not having her back.

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Gizelle Bryant similarly said that Karen was “humping the fence” and doubled down on that sentiment after the fight.

On Sunday, viewers saw Karen who was celebrating her birthday suggest a “bridge” between Mia and Wendy after the big blowup. She asked Mia who was hosting the Miami trip if Wendy could spend a day at the beach with the group because it was one of her birthday wishes.

“How about I spend breakfast with you, and you do lunch with her,” countered Mia before seemingly issuing a warning. “I don’t want her to ever think it’s okay to disrespect my husband and anybody that supports that, they don’t see an issue either.”

Later, Mia’s criticism of Karen continued and she once again accused her friend of playing both sides.

“You are trying to straddle the fence,” said Mia.
“You were both wrong,” said Karen.
“You went to go check up on the one who hasn’t owned up to her being wrong,” retorted Mia while Karen called the entire thing “childish games.”
“Loyalty,” emphasized Mia. “It’s like a f****g slap in the face for all my efforts.”

Karen however still wouldn’t back down even in spite of Mia declining to host her birthday party.

“Mia is in this control thing,” said Karen in a #RHOP confessional. “F*** that, I’m not doing that, I’m grown,” she added while picking up a crown. “The Queen does not ask for permission.”
“When you went and visited Wendy, you chose your side,” said Mia.

Social media is currently championing Karen for standing up to Mia, who also pettily told Ashley, and Candiace that she was revoking their stay at her Airbnb because they went to check on Wendy.

What do YOU think about all this drama?

Do you think the Grand Dame Karen Huger was straddling the fence in the Mia Vs. Wendy aftermath?