Hate Crimes: White Supremacist Murderer Pleads Guilty To Killing 10 Black People At Buffalo Grocery Store

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Source: Kent Nishimura / Getty

Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York was the target of a hate crime by white supremacist, 19-year-old Payton Gendron. Ten Black people were targeted and killed and three others were injured in the name of racism, bigotry, and white supremacist ethos. Modern lynching is still alive and well and it’s not the backlash that celebrities get when they do or say something stupid. It’s a dozen Black bodies bleeding and lifeless on the floor where they were just shopping for food.

According to CNN, Gendron, the white man responsible for the death and carnage, has pled guilty to the charges against him, including domestic terrorism as a hate crime, murder, and attempted murder.
The full acknowledgment of guilty means that there will be no state trial nor any attempt to appeal the sentence that will be handed down. Defense attorney Brian Parker spoke on behalf of his client.

“This critical step represents a condemnation of the racist ideology that fueled his horrific actions on May 14. Before he is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole on February 15, the surviving victims and deceased victims’ family members will all have a chance to address the court, the community and our client directly,” he said.
“It is our hope that a final resolution of the state charges will help in some small way to keep the focus on the needs of the victims and the community.”

We’re not going to say his name again but f*** this guy and every white person who seeks to kill or harm Black people simply for existing in the world. Hell is way too nice a place for them.