Jim Acosta Declared Tucker Carlson The Fox News ‘Bullsh*t Factory’ Employee Of The Month: ‘Nobody Bullsh*ts Like You’


CNN’s Jim Acosta has made a habit of taking aim at Fox News and its role in the media landscape, and on Saturday he went after Tucker Carlson for his months-long defense of insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol at Donald Trump’s behest on January 6.
Acosta, who anchors CNN’s Newsroom on the weekends, has used the program to deliver video essays about the news media and Republicans at large. And on Saturday he criticized the right wing response to January 6, the latest of which was submarining an investigation into the deadly breach of houses of congress in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College.
In particular, he targeted Fox News’s Tucker Carlson for his incessant rhetoric defending those who stormed Washington DC and tried to stop the democratic process and undermining confidence in the election by following Trump’s “big lie” that he actually won the election.

Nobody does it better… https://t.co/Bwfn1hAkYr
— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) June 19, 2021

Acosta reminded viewers that he coined the term “bullsh*t factory” for Fox News earlier in the year, “in honor of the steady stream of bogus segments aimed at ginning up your outrage.” But one employee, he says has “really outdone himself this week.”
“So I’ve decided to award Tucker with the distinction of Bullsh*t Factory Employee of the Month,” Acosta said. “Congrats Tucker. You did it. Nobody bullsh*ts like you when it comes to the insurrection. Nobody does it as good as you. Well, at least in the English language.”
He then showed a clip of Vladimir Putin talking about the insurrection as well. Acosta also made another point during the segment: that those defending the lack of a commission on January 6 or excusing the actions of insurrectionists are not actually “backing the blue,” a common right-wing sentiment about supporting law enforcement in juxtaposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Enough with the bullshit from the crackpot caucus and their false flag excuses for January 6th… https://t.co/otd1rRm5Sl
— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) June 19, 2021

It’s an astute point, and it’s still surprising to see members of the mainstream media calling out Fox News for its programming. But Acosta seems to relish describing the right-wing news organization’s actions and framing them in the largest context of the media landscape. And judging by the reaction it got on social media on Saturday, plenty of people appreciate him doing so on CNN.