Zack Snyder Weighed In On The Batman-Catwoman Sex Scene Controversy With A Graphic Declaration Of ‘Canon’


Batman’s sex life has been a major topic of concern on social media in the wake of the creator of Harley Quinn revealing DC wasn’t keen on a cartoon depiction of the caped crusader performing oral sex on Catwoman. That sparked a lot of talk about, well, Batman’s sexual performances in various versions and canons, including Val Kilmer attempting to set the record straight about things with a little wine.
And you can now count Zack Snyder as someone on Kilmer’s side when it comes to what “heroes do,” so to speak. The director who helmed his extended version of Justice League earlier this year came out strongly in favor of depicting the intimate details of Batman’s sex life on Twitter on Thursday night by, well, depicting the intimate details of Batman’s sex life in an illustrated panel he posted to Twitter with the simple phrase “canon.”
If you’ve read this far you can probably handle the image below, but fair warning: it involves what looks like Batman and Catwoman doing sex stuff in the non-nudity division.

— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) June 18, 2021

It’s certainly the most direct example of… all of this we’ve seen from someone officially in the DC Universe, though perhaps not particularly expecting to work in the sphere again. And from what we’ve seen on Harley Quinn, it’s likely far more graphic than what would have actually been depicted in the streaming show. But perhaps it’s no surprise to see Snyder to above and beyond here to get a rise out of people. He certainly got a reaction online on Thursday night.