Biggie And Jam Master Jay’s Daughters Join Forces To Open ‘Juicy Pizza,’ A New York-Style Pizzeria


The children of well-respected hip-hop legends are opening up a pizzeria in honor of their late fathers. T’yanna Wallace and Tyra Myricks, daughters of, respetively, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Master Jay, will open Juicy Pizza in Los Angeles this weekend. The new shop will serve New York-style pizza for residents of the West Coast city starting on Saturday, June 12. The restaurant is of course named after Biggie’s 1994 hit song “Juicy.”
In an Instagram post she shared back in February, Myricks explained, “I realized that L.A. doesn’t have good NY-style pizza, so instead of going on an endless hunt for some, I decided to make some!” Once she decided a New York-style pizzeria was needed in Los Angeles, Myricks reached out to Wallace about the idea, as the two had been friends for quite some time. “The more I thought about how to bring that New York theme to Los Angeles, I felt, ‘Who represents New York more than Biggie Smalls?’” Myricks told Business Insider.
Juicy Pizza sports a menu that includes cheese and pepperoni pizza, oxtail, beef and broccoli, jerk chicken, and chopped cheese egg rolls. The Los Angeles wing of food publication Eater adds that the pizzeria honors New York City with “subway car details and bodega vibes.” It should be noted that when the restaurant opens on June 12 it will be “with dinner hours only.”