Wawa Is Celebrating ‘Mare Of Easttown’ By Granting It Its Very Own Limited Edition Cheesesteak


Mare of Easttown did more than give viewers seven-plus hours of quality, Kate Winslet-driven television. It also did more than introduce the rest of the country to a thick, regional accent that few actors have been brave enough to attempt onscreen. Its greatest achievement may be hipping the nation to Wawa, the convenience store chain that’s made the lives of those in the Philadelphia area (and in other pockets of the East Coast) rich with coffee, hoagies, and (in the ’burbs, at least) gasoline. Now, as per The Philadelphia Inquirer, the company is returning the favor, although you’ll have to be a local (or willing to travel) to reap it.
The chain, which appeared early and often over the show’s seven episodes, is doing two things. First, it’s declared this Thursday “Mare of Easttown Day,” meaning the first 100 customers who show up at the opening of its newest store in Delaware County — where the show is set — will get both a free coffee and a “Wawa Delco” t-shirt. (The store is located in Upper Darby, the township located just west of the city limits, at 418 W. Baltimore Pike.)
But there’s more. From June 10 to the 17th, dozens of Wawa brick-and-mortars across Delaware County will start selling the “Mare of Easttown Spicy Cheesesteak,” a limited edition twist on the area’s most famous foodstuff. This version, only available for a week — and only in Wawas in the show’s home county — will pair the classic beefsteak with spicy pepper relish and cheddar cheese sauce. (Although Mare herself would surely insist on Cheez Whiz, ditto any self-respecting Philly or Delco resident.)
Again, to profit off this celebration you either have to be a Delco resident or be willing to do some shlepping. But if you do, make sure you don’t make like John Kerry in 2004 and ask to swap in some provolone.
(Via The Philadelphia Inquirer)