Netflix Dropped An Enticing First Look At The Second Part Of Their French Heist Favorite ‘Lupin’


One of the most streamed shows in America this year is French. Earlier this year, Lupin, an updated and greatly transformed take on the classic gentleman thief character Arsène Lupin, became a surprise staple of the “Popular on Netflix” category. People loved watching the very charming Omar Sy a as Senegalese immigrant inspired by Lupin who steals Marie Antoinette’s jewels in the very first episode. And good for them, because that was just the beginning: Part 2 was already in the can and ready to be dropped in the summer. Now that times is almost upon us, though for now we have a teasing first look.

When the chase is on even the wife will understand. #GeekedWeek @NetflixGeeked @omarsy
— Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 7, 2021

The clip, just a minute long, finds Sy’s semi-hero racing in a car, preparing to deal with the events that concluded the final episode of part one. If you need a recap, Sy’s Assane Diop learning that his son Raoul (Etan Simon) has been kidnapped by people associated with his longtime nemesis, Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). On top of that, he’s the most wanted man in France, with the police on his back.
What will the next five episodes bring us? And how great is it that Sy, who achieved international stardom with the dramedy The Intouchables — later remade in America as The Upside, with him replaced by Kevin Hart — is finally a big star here as well? You’ll get to see him return on June 11.