Chrissy Teigen Reportedly Left ‘Never Have I Ever’ Amid Her Courtney Stodden Bullying Controversy

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Chrissy Teigen is beloved by millions for her social media accounts and various lifestyle lines, but a controversy over her past tweets involving Courtney Stodden has now impacted at least one of her roles on TV. It’s the latest in a series of controversies involving Teigen, internet toxicity and criticism of the model and influencer’s presence on Twitter.
Teigen left social media earlier in the year following criticism of a number of things, deleting her account before returning to the platform after what she called a “terrible” few weeks away. That return was not as warmly welcomed as she hoped, however, after TMZ published several tweets and direct messages from 2011 between Teigen and Stodden, most famous for marrying a 51-year-old man at age 16. The tweets, which included references to Stodden taking a “dirt nap” and Teigen saying “i hate you,” drew outrage from shocked fans.
Earlier in the month, Teigen apologized to Stodden and called herself an “insecure, attention-seeking troll” for harsh tweets aimed at Stodden over a series of years. And now she’s reportedly stepping away from at least one role in the aftermath of the bullying accusations. As Variety reported on Friday, Teigen was set to provide voiceover work for Never Have I Ever‘s second season. But that’s now shelved amid the controversy that’s unfolded on social media in recent weeks.
Teigen opted to drop out of a planned voice role in one episode of the upcoming Season 2 of the Netflix coming of age comedy from Mindy Kaling. The series features voice-over narration for key characters performed by guest actors.
“Never Have I Ever” revolves around a first-generation Indian American teenage girl navigating high school while dealing with the loss of her father. A spokesman for the show said the role is expected to be recast.
The move makes sense given the context of the show and the fallout Teigen has seen. The celebrity voiceovers for Season One of Never Have I Ever were a fun quirk for a show about a seemingly ordinary high school girl, and Teigen’s image is, at least for now, far less fun and quirky than it was before this year’s controversies. It’s unclear if any other roles will be lost in the wake of all this, but just expect to see another celebrity take her place on the show when Season 2 starts streaming.
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